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I am happy for the Vietnam War veterans who are going to receive presumptive rating for their diseases. Good luck with that! I inquired to my VA service rep. and he related to me that All decisions are on hold for Bladder Cancer claims until the VA develops final guidance on how to proceed with these claims. You being the spouse rather than the actual veteran, you may or may not get to join. Our government truly does not care. Last I knew Vietnam was in Southeast NOT Southwest My thyroid quit years ago, 3 hernia operations, and compared to many of us, Im lucky but At 75 years old, I dont know how much I have left. My brother, who was a chopper pilot for the Army in all of the Sand Box regions, has been riddled with cancer for several years now due to benzene and other additives they put in the jet fuel to help make it more stable. Sinusitis is already covered. When I filed my clame and had the physical in Detroit My husband was in Vietnam in the late 60s and early 70s. Typically, veterans need to prove -- usually through medical exams and service records -- that their injuries and illnesses are directly connected to time spent in the military, Military Times noted. Hes a highly qualified Toxicologist who helps Veterans with claims for exposure to chemicals. Currently, the following conditions are presumed to be caused by Agent Orange and will receive presumptive service connection for qualifying veterans stationed in Thailand: AL Amyloidosis Chronic B-cell Leukemias Chloracne Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 Hodgkin's Disease Ischemic Heart Disease Multiple Myeloma Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Parkinson's Disease I have sinus problem that I never had before being exposed. I had asked my VA rep because a classmate of mine had this particular problem that your family has. This can never happen again! AGENT ORANGE EXPOSURE . Thats why I ask, is there anybody left? These, mostly men, werent thanked for their service, werent cheered as they arrived home. What about those of us Vietnam era vets that served on stateside bases such as Ft Gordon ga? If you dont know what an Anniston vet is, you probably arent one. Id contact the VA and find out where to file to start receiving widow benefits. As a disabled Veteran, Desert Storm era, all i can say is its about damn time!!! It was like a checklist of everywhere I went through Iraq and Afghanistan. Doctors say I have many ailments from AO exposure. Need help. Never heard. You submit a claim, Harmon said. The base I was assigned to refueled C-130s with Agent Orange and it was used to control our foliage. Agent Orange is just a euphemism for many different types of herbicides. Please contact to see someone from the American Legion Office Or others organizations as such that help Vets to file claims for higher disabilities and compensations. My husband died in January 2021. The Va clinic says, I dont know what your talking about. I was an organizational automotive mechanic in the Marine Corps as well as doing a stint of armory duty. Camp Lejune , 6 months of 71. For 2 years they kept trying to tell him it was just battle fatigue. I received a letter that said if I divorced or became a widow I could.get.the benefit. Advertisement. My husband did three tours in Vietnam on the USS Chowanoc. It is complete. VA announced today two major decisions related to presumptive conditions associated with Agent Orange and particulate matter exposures during military service in Southwest Asia. Because all the perimeters were sprayed with various types of herbicides with dioxin in it. Call the number on your letter. My regret is that he was not told what could happen and suggest test to be done Secondly we need to know more about the genetic changes. Never seems to end. Is it two feet from the perimeter? This toxic exposure was preventable. through the red tape. File, ASAP; they only go from initial claim date. Drink eat and shower in agent orange in the Tonkin Gulf. I hope this article doesnt give people false hope. I guess the VA doesnt believe the wind blows, Skinner said. I was proud to restore many F 111 A fighters environmental systems back to peak efficiency. When I read that the Blue Water Navy was getting this it upset me so if you were off the coast of Vietnam you can get it. Yeah As a BT we used gallons of Toulene No respirator Had oil tank overflow on to mess deck about 1 inch deep. Make an appointment with your nearest VA representative. Doctor told me heart ( VA has me on meds, surgery in 2002) not in AO conditions. Its on the VAs own list of bases. Never hear much about this treatment and the affect it had. I finally was able to get into and fill out the burn pit registry about a year ago. Sen. Thank you for your service!!!! Were old news to them, Skinner said of the VA. Arnie Harmon, a Columbus-area veteran who served in Thailand, filed for compensation or a monthly stipend some 15 years ago at the urging of one of his physicians. The VA to me at this point in time is absolutely useless! Do I gualify for any Agent Orange compensation ??? A lock ( "Our veterans are heroes and deserve to be treated as such. I had no idea the Government was actually compensating servicemen exposed to such danger. Each generation poisoned the one after them with Chemicals they used on our bases. If there is support, could you please point me in the direction needed? Former U.S. serviceman sentenced to 45 years for planning attack on fellow soldiers. The person who told me to get copies of the VA Ordered DBQ stated that he fought with VA for more than twelve years before winning, I only applied two years ago and knew not, that I would have to fight like this in order to get what I feel that I am entitled too. He died of lung cancer and I was told after he died I could no longer proceed with our request. I am looking for Robert? Following the passing of the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act, there are now three new conditions on the Agent Orange presumptive list. Enlisted USMC, 2nd BN, 26th Marines, 9th MAB (Battalion Landing Team), I-Corp, 1968-69, Combat Field Radio (PRC-25) Radio Operator. Sen. Sherrod Brown supports theThailand Veterans Toxic Exposure Act, a version of which was included in the Senate Veterans Affairs Committees toxic exposure bill reported out of committee in May. It was our only source. I resubmitted my claim July2019. At around 60 I took on the fight which took 14 months of going through their hoops, fighting for assistance. Our old family Country doctor is the one who finally broke the news to my brother and our mother. VA doctors told my husband to apply for disability for Agent Orange which was supposed to be automatic if you served in certain areas, including Thailand, where it was sprayed around base perimeters, where everyone walked. Unfortunately we didnt learn anything with the AO exposure. Without their help I doubt that it can be done!! My Dad served aboard the USS Rutherford B. Hayes in the Philippines and Southeast Asia in WWII. We roamed around downtown Anniston quite a bit. I know Agent Orange was the cause of his death and many of his buddies he served with that died around the same time as he did 25 years ago! Paula there is strong evidence that Dioxin the active agent in Agent Orange altered DNA and as such children can see their health impacted so do not give up. He has to apply and use a catheter twice a day, something he expects to do for the rest of his life. visit for more resources. You were boots on ground during the required times. He ONLY got 100% disability compensation from time of diagnosis. Longshot, but were you there in 68 as well. Contact a VSO at VA.GOV. ALL WHO SERVED DESERVE TO KNOW the answer/s to question/s being addressed. Liars!!! What about veterans who served on Johnston Island/Atoll? People laughed at me at accused me of putting on. What about Camp Lejeune NC and the continued toxic water that continues today? It is shameful how they have forgotten us if they can lie their way out of doing anything for us. I wish I live near you so we help each other out to ease the stress! My husband, who is a Vietnam vet, has scleroderma. My husband did 2 tours in Vietnam and we were in the process of trying to see if he qualified for disability at but he died before we got to far along. Interior Department announces new initiative to restore bison population. We filed an Agent Orange claim in 1977 for our daughter was born with many birth defects that are on the birth defects that were caused from the Agent Orange. The science now confirms the link. Our vets are used and God sees this. This edict became effective 1 January 2020. Please, if anyone else has been diagnosed with Aphasia, or PPA -Primary Progressive Aphasia, please contact me. My husband had several of those illnesses, but VA kept loosing only the real important documentation and then even went as far as wanting daily records. They deserve quick adjudication for their claim and we cannot put the burden on the veterans who served their country.. I was at a base camp in South Vietnam when after taking a short shower, ( limited water ) a chopper flew overhead and spraying Agent Orange in the tree lines when I got another shower, Agent Orange! He didnt receive a dime from the military, because when they finally approved him he died 2 days later. He had me late in life . I cannot claim exposure to AO due to neither the Pentagon or Headquarters MC being allowed to tell the VA that I was actually in country and exposed. I have an idea of how to get started. VIETNAM AND THAILAND VETERANS . I served aboard a world war II ship from 1968 to 1970 that had asbestos through out the ship. New Conditions Added to Agent Orange Presumptive List January 15, 2021 Updated: January 30, 2023 Three new conditions were recently added to the list of presumptive conditions for which the Department of Veterans Affairs grants service connection to Vietnam War veterans affected by exposure to the chemical herbicide Agent Orange. My father battled a round of prostate cancer and 10 years later Leukemia which is what killed him Both caused by agent orange. My husband was a Vietnam vet. So sorry. I was exposed to agent orange while serving in Korea on the DMZ. If you were denied they will contact you, you do not need to submit another claim. Call: 988 (Press 1), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs | 810 Vermont Avenue, NW Washington DC 20420. I too am having issues obtaining benefits for my husband who served in Vietnam. did you read the article? But, the side affects still exist and the damage is done and on going. Its a shame that it has taken this long for bladder cancer to be recognized that it can be caused by the deadly exposure of Agent Orange. Still had to go back and help clean. Im giving this one last try. Now that I am retired I have been diagnosed with asthma, sinusitis and rhinitis. The VA has pushed aside those of us that used trichloroethylene as a cleaning solvent in the 60s. We have been fighting a long battle with no success! Squeaky wheel gets the grease Youll quickly see youre not alone! We applied for benefits for ptsd also. was wondering what you have to do die to get something done. The military even put up signs advising us not to go outside when the agent was being sprayed. Agent Orange while serving in Thailand during the Vietnam Era. Why? I have Prostate Cancer. Why isnt high blood pressure approved as a presumptive under Agent Orange? They do a real good job getting through all the red tape. Welcome to the Ultimate Agent Orange Guide for VA Disability Benefits. I have lost a kidney to cancer, had stage 3 Lymph cancer treated, skin cancers, and colon cancer treatments. The majority of his career has been dedicated to assisting veterans with legal issues nationwide. My three sons and some of the grandchildren are at risk and indeed have some unusual conditions. The VA medical providers do not do this. have them find out what the procedure is? What about the thousands who served in Thailand and were exposed to agent orange, have the same medical issues as those who served in Vietnam, but are continually denied any benefits. He is possibly having to go to nursing home because of my health, and only has 10%disability for tinnitus. Regardless. My wife deserves better ans so do we. When my husband died in 2010, he couldnt even find the paperwork to apply for a grave marker. Hod ridiculous! I had such a bad case of PTSD starting in 1969, I spent 6 weeks in a Navy mental ward at Millington NAS. I filed for agent orange exposure I have been diagnosed by my Doctor with peripheral neuropathy and stinging and tingling in my extremities. They didnt even recognize Agent Orange exposure back then. They have over 600 pages of medical records for the multitudes of surgeries, treatments, lab work, and final radical cystoprostatectomy 2018. I am trying to find out more about other vets exposed to Agent Orange who have been diagnosed with Scleroderma. They were very proud and I took there advice knowing in advance that every Marine is a rifleman. Make your claim ASAP if you havent already. Big deal! Will you please provide me with the mans first name and the other information you have about him. I am asking for help and advisement. Both his parents lived to the age of 96. Good to know that maybe in another 20 or 25 years they might actually get off their butts and help us too. But we all must go through gauntlets of crap from poorly trained workers, most who have no idea what TCE and Benzene is, and who used it. Was not easy but with their help it can be done. I was in Nam 18 months, 29 April 68 to 7 Dec 69, I have Diabetes 2, receiving 30 % compensation for AO induced Diabetes 2. 1. I think a diagnosis of prostate cancer from agent orange means an automatic 100% disability rating. 74 yrs of age. March 3 (UPI) -- A Haitian migrant was found unresponsive aboard a U.S. Coast Guard cutter and pronounced dead after the Coast Guard stopped a vessel carrying 54 migrants off the coast of Florida. My husband was a patient at the Temple VA for decades. Mary get a lawyer you have a lot of money coming, a lot will have to what his death certificate I also acquired Grovers Disease (a rare skin disorder, where the glue dissolves around your skin cells). Website is still saying researching! Nam Infantry grunt. kapm. Loaded agent orange, asked what was in the drums, they said they could not tell me. PRESUMPTIONS OF SERVICE CONNECTION FOR DIS-2 EASES ASSOCIATED WITH EXPOSURE TO CER- 3 TAIN HERBICIDE AGENTS FOR VETERANS 4 WHO SERVED IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO THE 5 REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM. Some have won on appeal.. Not enough die yet?

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