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: 12, Pitbull Special - Sven Fierens / Yves De Wit. Auction Time: March 03, 2023 / 07:32 PM PDT: Welcome to PigeonAuctions.com! End time: 2023-03-04 14:30:00 Quantity:6. Bred 4 x 1st UNC winners! She won 1st Pont St. Max against 225 pigeons! End time: 2023-03-05 15:30:00 Quantity Dimensions: 26 x 9.5 x 4 in. His National winners and Olympic champions are well known all over the world. Go to auction. Jan de Wijs. Sire golden eye. PigeonAuctions.com - The Online Trading Site for Pigeons. Relying on several top breeders, the future is looking bright for future edition of this mythical race. but unfortunately they W GROUP 1Auction is for 4Mark Caudwell Van Reets, and 2 Frans Zwol, these are very well bred Young Birds,these are very nice Birds. The racing pigeon "New Kim" sold for $1.9 million on Sunday after a two-week auction at Belgium's Pipa pigeon . : 7 NPO & "July". Chalons 1.761 p. From: "Pirlo", 1. Fantastic results on One Loft Races where the cherry on top of the cake. Don't have the facility to do pedig 1 X Young Bird pull off perches holds 12 birds, will be two sets of these , both identical, purhased only two years ago , li My aim was to build up a small team of very good pigeons capable of consistently flying at national level with the Bicc.I h My aim was to build up a small team of very good pigeons capable of consistently doing well at National level with the Bicc, I had jus My aim was to build up a small team of very good pigeons to compete at National level consistently well in the Bicc,i had just started to acheive this My aim was to build up a very good team of pigeons capable of consistently racing well at National level with the Bicc, I had My aim was to build up a very small team of very good pigeons to compete consistently at National Level with the Bicc.I had GROUP 2Auction is for 6Mark Caudwell Van Reets, these are Blue`s or Blue Pied`s and are very well bred Young Birds,these are very nice Birds. Many fanciers from all over the globe already asked for my help to select breeding pairs. The 10 most expensive auctions ever worldwide, all organized by PIPA. 16/02/2023 18:30 - Vanhoudt-Serr, who were National Champions in the recent past, are the proud owners of an extraordinary collection Van De Wouwer pigeons. $200 View Details >. Easy to order through our webshop. NEW QUEEN L.. JELLE ROZIERS 2. NPO, 3.+11. Successful auction Sangers Pigeons on PIPA. Some of the pigeons we have faith in for next season Are you looking for a head start in the world of racing pigeons? Adult. 1 - NL19-1677541 - S&P van Helden, "De Pontoise". Rudi De Saer (Ruiselede, BE) fully enjoyed the 2022 racing season, Lots of oneloftraces collect pigeons at the Spring Fair in Houten (NL). This kit contains eight ready to breed original Koos van Koppen racing pigeons, giving you the opportunity to begin your own flock and start competing right away. How To Pay. Nanteuil 201 p, 3.-1.628 p, 7.-2.042 p, 8.-523 p, 9.-203. ALL LIVE AUCTIONS - Click Eye ZG-Helios Kittel & Performance Collection ZG-Helios Kittel & Performance Collection. Best for Collectibles: Webstore. Super Star DBA 2017, 1. Racing pigeons (0) supplies meds (0) White-Dove-Release.org (0) Auction Statistics: Current Auctions Listed (0) Total Registered Users (455) Featured Galleries Lot 0119. Cortenoeverseweg 82. A Dutch auction is one of several similar types of auctions for buying or selling goods. Double grandchild of Geelogerr (Hen ), bred by Derek Rooney. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. STARTS 8PM THURSDAY 12th JANUARY ENDS 8PM onwards THURSDAY 19th JANUARY, This small but outstanding selection of middle to short long distance pigeons, is truly outstanding. Mr & Mrs Brian Hawes Distance Clearance Sale, Kevan Smith - Wigan - Clearance Sale due to ill health, Devon South Devon Federation ~ Transporter Fund Auction, A kit of 5 Gaston van de wouwer youngsters, 4 Caudwell Van Reets, 2 Frans Zwol 2023 YBs. 10 very nice young pigeons that you can still use to race yourself! 27/02/2023 13:30 - Monday the 27th of February these new auctions will start: Pieter Goeree, Geert Maroy, Davy Tournelle, F&J Vandenheede, Demaret-Marichal, Wim & Steven De Troy, Ruben & Ludo Lanckriet, Bart Geerinckx & One Loft Race Special. Auctions. View JOHN DEERE 4230 Otherstock Online Auctions at AuctionTime.com. Ace Pigeon BRD 2014, 1. Inbred to No1 hen T'Goedge. We will do this with a maximum of 10 new pigeons per week. NPO, top breeder, out "Blauwe Henri & Feline" x "Driesje", 2.+5. DNA certified. Colombine Vita - 1kg 6.30 Ends in 13d, 21h. Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Club Brechin 58 miles 6th, 8th, 9th Federation Brechin 1367 birds [] Testimonials 2022 18 August 2022. 1. EUR 175.00 for (1 - 6 pigeons) Indicative shipping costs next pigeon (s) EUR 175.00. Ace pigeon Pattaya PIPR OLR in 2020. Status: CopyrightEPW Copyright @ 2009-2022 xingezhan.com all right reserved Status: 15hours7minutes33seconds. From: "Last One", h.brother 1.-20.464b., 1.-8.762b., 1.-8.939b., from "Hallilujah & Esmee" x "The 707", daughter "Porsche 911 & Esmee". Pigeon Bids Gerard Koopman - Marathon Edition 2023. Ace Pigeon RG-V. 2014, 4. Leo Heremans from Vorselaar is a legend in international pigeon racing. Auctions available worldwide. Pigeons come from the fortified fanciers of the Netherlands, and then from their very best. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. The UK seller for all php products from the natural brand of pigeon health and performance, used and recommended by Jos Thone. Chalons 1.761 p. Pigeon Farms. Click Here to visit American Pigeon Museum & Library. NL858668890B01, Bank details: 02/03/2023 09:37 - The final result of the 2022 PIPA IATP ranking. The Netherlands, info@pigeoncom.com She won 1st Pont St. Max against 225 pigeons! Olburgseweg 17, 7225 NA, Olburgen Netherlands. : 12 In this auction only 3 pigeons, from SG. For fans of the long-distance and great long-distance many pigeons of the Dutch champion 'Ko van Dommelen' joined the Descheemaecker Pigeon Center. Colin Leask Radionic Products - 341 Comb. Please enjoy the videos by Frank McLaughlin. Just an amazing reference - the best we can get !! Forget auctions get yourself off to a flying start with this Koos van Koppen Starter Kit! Upcoming Lots. But is one loft racing the death knell or a blessing for our sport? 22-CBS-1299 LC Hen. The new pre export quarantine period start at Dutch Quarantine and Veterinary Facility June 12th, 2020 Please let us have your booking as soon as possible. All usernames and passwords have remained the same for our 3,000 registered users. Indicative shipping costs. - 12. Vromans, M& S Tekin and Kobal. If you're out of Canada please contact us to obtain the cost . He became a/o 2nd National Long Distance Champion Eendaagse Fondspiegel Cat. References keep coming for Jelle Roziers. Peter Theunis (Hoeven, NL) wins the National Eendaagse Fondspiegel Long Distance (Cat. Status: He really is a Connoisseur of middle distance pigeons. Shipping 85.00. Son of the Bingo Cock National Winner when paired to a direct daughter to Rudy. Paired to Rudyka Ga Cheq cock. Belgian and Netherlands bloodlines are proven over decades to be winners and the best olympic racing pigeons have come from both Bloodlines. 1954) The Water Carrier, bronze with blue, yellow, green and gold patination and mottled patination, signed and numbered 1/12. But nothing is less true. THE GOLDEN BREEDING LOFT OF M.& S. KOBAL : the best of Batenburg - van de Merwe & Jellema & Rans GEBROEDERS JACOBS : MORE THAN 40 YEARS AT THE ABSOLUTE TOP OF HOLLAND ON THE MARATHON FLIGHTS Five exclusive pigeons with a super pedigree - special "VIP auction" - original/direct pigeons We at Pigeoncom are ambitious people who share your passion for racing pigeons! Barley, high in nutrients, low in calories - give your feathered friends in rest only the best with barley! (One of) the very best ZLU loft(s) in The Netherlands GRANDIOZE JAARLIJKSE BONNENVERKOOP T.B.V. 1st National Winner 30179 birds, 1st 6899 birds, 1st 1255 birds , 2nd 2039 birds. Copyright 2023 Best Pigeons - All Rights Reserved. Top Pigeons Power Endurance Granulate is a modern food supplement developed in close collaboration with Bram Koppenaal of Nutrievo. Cheq cock. Register (to bid or sell) Sell Your Birds. We publish our newsletters whenever we have interesting news or if something interesting happens in the pigeonsport near us. This varied from national ace pigeon to national victories, provincial victories, or ace pigeons. & J. All payments except for bank transfers are subject to a Buyers Premium. Pigeon Auctions.Com. Lokhorst 2 children are offered from their ancestor "Pirlo". Not just striving to achieve his own success but also closely following the results of others, particularly when looking to introduce pigeons into his own loft. Lakewood, California 90715 Phone (562) 235-1829. Bierges 575 p, 2.-3.148 p, 1. M&C Hansen Today I selected these two great pigeons, in my opinion, the perfect pair! The Pigeon by Wendell Levi, 1963 Edition. Ending fancier auctions: TopPigeons-auctionhouse For fanciers from Top-fanciers! Welcome to Pigeon Partners, we are a digital auction platform for breeding, performance and collectable racing pigeons worldwide. End time: 2023-03-04 15:00:00 Quantity:12. Congratulations Mr Oldam. With 1 push of a button you can become the new owner of the pigeon in question. Top breeder with "17-570" (sale 5), mother of ao "20-222". Outstanding Blue Hen "BOONEN 372" 19C46372 Proven Direct Daughter of RPRA Sprint Champion "BOONEN". GBP 100.00. Europigeons.nl - Racing pigeons and more Zwethkade Zuid 29b, 2635 CV, The Netherlands. Thank you for contacting us.We will get back to you as soon as possible. Current Bid $100.00. The Cuffel family have recently joined this select club, after having won 1st International Perpignan with Juda last summer. Buy or sell your product(s) 24/7 at our online auction, where our listings just keep getting larger! Auctions Auctions . Father and sons Cuffel (Montivilliers, BE) join the select club of International Perpignan & Barcelona winners! 3) in 2022, PIPA organizes an auction for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, Gerard & Harold Calis (Bussum, NL) stand in the spotlights with several ace pigeon and championship titles on the provincial and national level, Wacko x Lieve: a unique pair, for one loft racing, New auctions: Embregts-Theuns, Vanhoudt-Serre, G&H Calis, John Debaene, Gino Clicque, Dehon Demonseau & Pattaya OLR, Best international Barcelona pigeon over 5 seasons, Jeroen & Stijn Rans on the return of Jef, 1st Internat. Pigeons for Sale. Denmark, Copyright / Disclaimer 1998-2023 M&C Auctions | M&C Hansen. We use cookies to analyze website traffic and optimize your website experience. Every time there was something to celebrate! 1 Day 22 Hrs BERNBURG TRUMPETERS {VOICE PIGEON} 0 bids: Current Bid $60.00 . Racing pigeons (0) supplies meds (0) White-Dove-Release.org (0) Auction Statistics: Current Auctions Listed (1) Total Registered Users (455) Featured Galleries No Listing Fees, Open auctions to all users, Bid on existing auctions or setup your own. Tel: 0031 ( 0 ) 6 83374059 . Here is the link to my birds on Pigeon Depot: PIGEON DEPOT AUCTION SITEPlease feel free to register on the site and happy bidding! including wood base. "Brother Latoya", out "Enzo", father 2. National Acepigeon Middledistance Old Birds KBDB 2019 is BEL17-6038324 from Vic De Wilder - and it comes partly from our Gaston Van De Wouwer lines!! Status: The famous Pitbull dynasty of Rudy Van Reeth is creating many champions on other lofts. In all his 37 years of keeping and racing pigeons, since the age of 7, Chris Gibson has only ever been interested in one thing and one thing only, results. 02/03/2023 12:30 - Only very few fanciers can say that they have won both International Perpignan and Barcelona. USA's number one Racing Pigeon Auction Site. 05/02/2018 Invitation Viewing Day 2018 31/12/2015 Piet and Gerard Lindelauf, Vijlen: over a decade of supreme racing! Leo Heremans from Vorselaar is a legend in international pigeon racing. ./2019BX. BTW no. 5 Days 5 Hrs. Pure Long Distance. With over 50 years experience at the top of the sport. Toggle navigation. 25/02/2023 10:00 - The start of the new racing season has been celebrated in Expo Houten for many years now and every enthusiastic fancier would like to be there too. You've landed on Best Pigeon, an online auction house for racing pigeons of superior genetics. Fanciers. X-. About TopPigeons Basic philosophy . Europigeons is offering a unique opportunity to purchase a young bird kit, bred by Jaap Ramsteijn that possess the legendary bloodlines of renowned racing pigeons. Victory goes to Jan & Twan Nobels from Achthuizen in the Netherlands, followed by Dominique Neuville (FR) & Hugo Casaert (BE). View Details. chat. Already meer specialized in the sale of racing pigeons of the highest quality for over 15 years. 6971 JK Brummen (NL)Tel: +31 575 538555. info@eijerkamp.com. Welcome to Pigeon PartnersA Digital Auction Platform. Show Closed Auctions for Seller Show Active Auctions by Seller Search this Category Only Search (Buy Now Items) 23-ARPU-41304 Red. "Jari", "Eliza", "Magic Junior". 23-CBS-345 Grizzle Squeaker. 2 Pairs of Bellneck rollers. 05 Mar at 14:00 - 15 Mar at 14:00. Four decades of supremacy in Belgium: Van Hove-Uytterhoeven, Putte BIRD LOVE TO FLY LOFT.TAREK PATROS 8. Bidder acknowledges that this auction is conducted electronically and relies on hardware and software that may malfunction without warning. $40. By accepting our use of cookies, your data will be aggregated with all other user data. The old auction site rapidly became one of the top auction sites in the world. ALMOST 80 SALE LOTS FROM U.K. , EIRE AND EUROPE - PEOPLE THAT HAVE DONATED PLEASE NOW START TO EMAIL THE DETAILS FOR YOUR PIGEONS TO -. I refer to Cosmin as The Connoisseur his selection methods and process is very interesting. March auction - China transport. BIC: INGBNL2A, Click one of our representatives below to chat on WhatsApp or send us an email to info@pigeoncom.com. Actually the grandsire RONALDO was bred by M&C Breeding and the greatgranddam is still breeding at our loft. Coccidiosis, Trichomoniasis & Candida, Versele Laga Colombine Optimal Start 25 - 5kg, Colin Leask Radionic Products - 306 Coccidia / Wormer (10ml), Racing Pigeon Keyring - 'Winners never quit', Colin Leask Radionic Products - NSD Dark Green Sticky Droppings / Sudden Death. Best Municipal Surplus: Municibid. The pigeon-racing industry has soared to new heights with a record-breaking sale. Auctions. Note: Starting Base Prices Listed Above. From: "Blauwe Henri", father "Pirlo", 1.+5.+21 NPO, son "Tiffany", 15. 21.201b., son "De 62 & De 94", Peter Janen x "Miss Evita", dtr. My account. Call if you are looking for something else. Sire Golden eye. The female (Blue Pied) was bred by Koos van Koppen and a, and she even won a 1st prize! 20 pigeons. Informacin detallada del sitio web y la empresa: sunrise-auction.com, +81357895565, +81425770721 Auction of Violins, Violas, Cellos and Bows Sunrise Auction We congratulate Vic and Jef De Wilder with this magneficient pigeon! Through Tj & J. Elzinga we meet a son of Hallelujah, LastOne. Not just striving to achieve his own success but also . Join the Racing Pigeon Auction. Recovery and training effect; the key words for modern top sport pigeon racing; Dreampigeons introduces Dreamcollection. Guy Van Der Auwera squeaker. International Fair of Pigeon Racing preview file . End time: 2023-03-05 14:30:00 Quantity Please enjoy some short articles by Frank McLaughlin. Go to auction. They provide many essential micronutrients, such as iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. 1. Shipping 95.00. IBAN: NL90INGB0007839880 Europigeons is offering a unique opportunity to purchase a young bird kit, bred by Jaap Ramsteijn that possess the legendary bloodlines of renowned racing pigeons. . This meant Paul obtained birds from Comb. From: "Hallilujah", (gr. Bowing - Jansen but 3 pigeons from the very best, namely inbreeding to the famous "864", van Gunter Prange descendants of this topper have won a 371st prize at least 1 times. Active auction. Copyright 2017-2023 Pigeoncom | Design & realisation. Most commonly, it means an auction in which the auctioneer begins with a high asking price in the case of selling, and lowers it until some participant accepts the price, or it reaches a predetermined reserve price.This type of price auction is most commonly used for goods that are required to be sold . Bid Help . Bred 4 x 1st UNC winners! Fill in the form and we go from there Gender. 11138 E. Del Amo Blvd., Suite 262. !! 1. Please note: We do not accept credit card payments for auction birds puchased. Art. NPO, out "Hallilujah & New Hope" x "Beauty Hope", daughter "Brother Sven & New Hope". Phone:00-31-638080872 info@epw-nl.eu ICP18023581-2, End time: 2023-03-05 14:30:00 Quantity Nlois 17.206b. All Rights Reserved. 28/02/2023 08:40 - Lubomir Kubacek had another fantastic season winning 1st National Champion Long Distance and 1st National Ace bird Marathon 2022! An international podium! Best Pigeons i. 17/02/2023 09:30 - Simon van Hoeve from Terneuzen was amongst the fanciers to beat in 2022. PIPA Pigeon Paradise. Online auction house dedicated to the pigeon sport. Excelsior Pigeon Breeding Centre, Pigeon Auctions & Shop. Belgian Netherlands Racing Pigeons For Sale, Pigeon racing is an International sport with Belgium & Netherlands Racing Pigeons as recognized olympic racing pigeons, our bloodlines are a critical line in the sport, we recognize the best bloodlines from all of Europe but more specific, Belgian and Netherlands bloodlines . 26 Feb at 14:00 - 07 Mar at 14:00. A descend confirmation of the . 01/03/2023 08:46 - According to many, 'one loft racing' is the future of pigeon racing. If you're within Canada but out of Ontario and can't pick up your purchase, the shipping rates within Canada are standard: For 1 to 6 pigeons the total cost is $260.00 including the shipping crate. Europa Master OLR, Avirings, Golden Algarve Million Euro Pigeon Race & One Loft Race South Bulgaria are on site. A new selection of fantastic pigeons is made available every two weeks to be auctioned at our website. The EPW team. American Pigeon Auction. 180.-. Best for Specialty Items: Catawiki. The season ended with a spectacular 1st, 3rd, 12th, 17th, National against 3,805 pigeons!! Pigeons come from the fortified fanciers of the Netherlands, and then from their very best. "Prince Esmee & Manu", 2x 1. COUPLING HELP FOR UKRAINE SALES STARTING LIVE ON EXCELSIOR 20/03/22, HELP FOR UKRAINE - UPDATED DONOR LIST AS OF 13/03/22 Ad Type. Description. A new selection of fantastic pigeons is made available every two weeks to be auctioned at our website. We at Pigeoncom are ambitious people who share your passion for racing pigeons! These feathered future champions are descended from Gaby Vandenabeele, Louis van Loon, Alwin Petrie and Janssen Bros - all esteemed lines within this sport! The most exclusive auction house for racing pigeons worldwide. Auction Time: February 28, 2023 / 07:25 PM PDT: Welcome to PigeonAuctions.com! 7 pigeons. With many thousands, visitors from all over Europe come to Expo Houten. 3 Pairs of Bellneck rollers. In all his 37 years of keeping and racing pigeons, since the age of 7, Chris Gibson has only ever been interested in one thing and one thing only, results. 1. From: "Prince Hallilujah", brother "Prince Esmee", 2x 1. On wood base. But here we go. World Pigeon Bid the International Pigeon Auction Website INTERNATIONAL FAIR OF RACING PIGEONS - POLAND 2010 . This site uses cookies to help personalize content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Barcelona, Wonderful reference in Pattaya International OLR for Van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers, The auction of the Pattaya International Pigeon Race (PIPR) starts on Monday February 6, Jeroen & Stijn Rans (Wijgmaal, BE): leading in extreme long distance racing, Chris Debacker (Beveren-Leie, BE) at the absolute top once again in 2022, Roger & Nick Thys (Hallaar, BE) are near unbeatable for the second year in a row on heavy middle distance races. High-Quality Flag! Shortly, all you are looking for in your future golden breeder. Many fanciers from all over the globe already asked for my help to select breeding pairs. Granddaughter 'Triple DiCaprio'. Best for Big-Ticket Items: IRS Treasury Auctions. : 12, End time: 2023-03-05 16:00:00 Quantity Current Bid: $150.00 (No Reserve) First bid: $150.00 Shipping Fee: 95.00 Condition: See Item Description Dutch Auction: no Quantity: 1 Time left: 4 Days 14 Hrs Number of bids: 0 (bid history) Started: Thu Mar 02, 10:04 PM Sellers Location: Litchfield Park, AZ 85340 Ends: Wed Mar 08, 10:04 PM Send To Friend: (mail this auction to a friend) Track this item: (add to your list) so all listings are 100% free! Best Pigeons is owned by Frank McLaughlin. This website is about a small exclusive loft located in . High-Quality sweatshirt ! 1153 PH Zuiderwoude World Pigeon Bid - USA . EXCLUSIVE SON 1st NATIONAL ACE ZLU '15 "NATIONAL ACE 742" !! Racing Pigeon Mug 5.99 Ends in 24d, 19h. With over 50 years experience, using common sense from Racing Antibiotic Free,Young Bird Sickness and some favorite Secrets. Pre-bidding. Head over to NPH Pigeons on YouTube to view some interesting videos on Cosmin and his family of pigeons, including some long discussions on selection and the world class HOGO VLAEMINCK (Rupelmonde, Belg) pigeons..PLEASE NOTE THE PHOTOS OF THE SALE BIRDS WERE TAKEN IN SEPTEMBER, THEY ARE ALL OLD ENOUGH AND READY TO PAIR. End time: 2023-03-05 16:00:00 Quantity Page 1 of 1. Sign up for our email list for updates, promotions, and more. We specialise in the promotion, marketing and sale of quality racing pigeons around the world, combined with a worldwide delivery network which includes storage . Buyapigeon.com, in its sole discretion, may void any sale, temporarily suspend bidding and re-sell any items or lots that were affected by any malfunction. More info. Choice Pigeon USA. Current Bid $150.00. Pigeons were sold for top prices to fanciers all over the world. 03/03/2023 08:43 - Next weekend, the Spring Fair will take place in Houten (NL). 71321403 Pigeon Bids late Wilfried Villmar. 28/02/2023 15:30 - The European Commission announced new rules within the framework of the European Animal Health Law last week to harmonize the vaccination of animals against the most serious animal diseases among Member States. Soup greens are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. NPH Pigeon Auctions, Is committed to locating and bringing only true, good, honest, quality racing pigeons to auction for the fancy. The shipping can also be fully under control of the buyer. Prov. 2x 1st, 2x 2nd, 1x 3rd NATIONAL ZLU KEIZER GROTE FOND Kaptein-Soeterbroek !! More info. auction site called PIGEON DEPOT!! 0 bids. Polish Pigeon Fair January 29-31 2010 . Pedigree and banded, sire and dam. New pigeons will be offered here daily at fixed prices. We welcome you to visit EPW, European Pigeon Website. I hear you thinking, has Jan lost his way? View Auctions; Buy Now; Sell; Sign Up; Login Active Buy Now Auctions . That is why we at PIPA have recently been working on a completely new web page for the One Loft Races. 405-691-1313. J. Doldersum & Zn. Gem Strike 200g 18.50 Ends in 13d, 20h. High-Quality poloshirt ! Pigeon Bids Jan Vandepasch & Daughter. 6 x 2023 Heremans-Ceusters YB Bred by Watkin/Wright Bros Direct from the Stock Loft. Frillbacks Pigeons show and breeding stock After 12 years selling out Red & blue Grizzle Black, White, yellow and mixed colors Whites $75 each others. : 12 We offer you the opportunity to purchase pigeons from top fanciers Worldwide! These will get you further, for sure! An auction with pigeons to build a completely new pigeon loft !!!! EUR 70.00 per pigeon. End time: 2023-03-05 15:00:00 Quantity NR: 75551470 | VAT NL860320789B01.

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