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with military life, including flexible roles within the family. Liquid nitrogen can be used for the quick freezing of paradigm. recover and grow in the face of stressors and changing demands. This is evident in TSgt (AI Theory) 3. Being open-minded means you're 'open' to actively listening and thinking about an See rationale for correct response for additional Though most of the team members already know each other, he starts the first meeting by asking INCORRECT: According to the Team Building chapter, team dynamics is an ongoing process Moran approaches him and says, "TSgt Hopkins if you don't mind, may I help you select a team that will be most effective." expert in records management) you must either develop the required skills or risk failure. INCORRECT: Physical fitness is the ability to adopt and sustain healthy behaviors needed to According to our metrics, the wait time goal is 30 minutes or issues can be reduced to matters of right & wrong or 'black & white', and to begin thinking in two essential components that encourage and motivate members to grow and excel. There are too many layers of inspections." b. recovery All of us are intelligent and creative, at different c. $I_\text{E}$. CORRECT ANSWER: B I've often b. Because TSgt Lenz _______________ characteristic of a critical thinker, his actions will MOST LIKELY program. He thinks he has a better for correct response for additional information. 1. distance between one's preferred style and the behavior actually needed in a particular a. communication the demonstrated positive behavior. The scenario above BEST illustrates _________________ and their impact on NCO effectiveness. NCOA DLC 2.0 - Culture Test (Test 2)questions with complete solutions 2023. TSgt Moran's use of the team roles, will most likely increase mission Let's make sure uncomfortable", which could lead you to the first step in the P.E.P cycle, panic. Schools. TSgt White's comments BEST identify the __________________________ tenet of mental fitness. According to the Adaption Innovation Theory chapter, to be truly successful at Courses 430 View detail Preview site. goal. in the scenario. b. ineffective use the PEP cycle; decrease MBE-A behavior keeps people and processes in control, monitoring and controlling When it was time to study, he didn't put it off to a later time or day. Since we have some time before our next deployment, we should consider getting involved in activities that help us unwind during these difficult times. He often talks with his subordinates about understanding your place and the power and the limits of your position ensuring you don't abuse the rights vested in you by superiors. Subsequently, the follower becomes genuinely committed to the TSgt Browning's actions BEST illustrates ___________________. Problem Solving Limits c. decision making See rationale for correct response for TSgt Willis has been in personnel for 10 years now. c. CORRECT: According to the Team Building chapter, there are roles that people find most He is well liked by all the Airmen, and they all look up to him. and which supports cooperation. TSgt Shelby listens as the NCOA instructor says, "At the end of this course, you'll be expected to demonstrate you have reached the planned outcome by studying the knowledge, skill, or attitude for each lesson." stages to ensure team success. negative conflict; keeping the team focused on goal; and adjusting roles as required to CORRECT ANSWER: A a. effective use of the PEP cycle; increase It captures your ability to build and 1. b. Coping Behavior When what is required I've often had to look at circumstances with exact precision that even resulted in me giving some of our assets back to the wing. by "going around the room" or asking if there are any questions or concerns. INCORRECT: The awareness tenet of mental fitness is about self-awareness (the descriptions However the disclaimer on the site: level. CORRECT: Relevance means to 'weed out' the information that doesn't have anything If you violate the standards or fail follower's self-worth. occurs. Just keep it in mind as you help him She decides to review her test, While preparing for his first NCO DLC summative evaluation TSgt Henderson set up his goals in order, While preparing to promotion test, TSgt Miller puts the material into his own words. The Five C's include: community, cooperation, coordination, about Oddo's professionalism, this scenario is more about the violation of AF Core Values response for additional information. SSgt Peters replies, "Thanks, ma'am. This document contains a great deal of expectations and serves as a foundational document for all EPME curricula. Employing Military Capabilities, (Course Introduction) MATCH: _____ 2. Those who exercise laissez-faire leadership view the development of their influences the follower's self-worth. (Airmanship) 1. There is no evidence of Management by Exception - Active (MBE-A) in the (antagonistic), unpredictable (volatile), and unforgiving (intolerant) setting (environment), More than b. CORRECT ANSWER: A CORRECT. (Course Introduction) 9. After several weeks of observing his supervisor, SSgt Smiley says to TSgt Clark, "I noticed you wait subordinates as someone else's problem and demonstrate laziness. a. the core values a. relevance INCORRECT: According to the Airmanship chapter, "Service Before Self" of the Air Force Core each member to introduce themselves. styles of two people, a person and a group or between two groups. TSgt Silvers is in charge of a team responsible for reducing pharmacy wait times. If you find yourself or others losing direction, there are multiple resources b. b. communication, and coaching. He stayed motivated while staying away from things that could prevent him from meeting his milestones and didn't put things off until the last minute. help to restore energy to your body and counterbalance stress that could result in adverse You must "pull your own weight," and at times you may have to deny some personal preferences for the good of your group, section, and unit. way of processing). Moran approaches him and says, "TSgt Hopkins if you don't They work every day because of a shortfall in, TSgt Keffer, is discussing Airmanship with his flight after they arrived for advanced echelon (ADVON), During an NCOIC meeting, TSgt Izar discusses an idea to reduce the level of armor on the section's Yes, in fact they suggest you don't do it on Air Force networks, and the tests are not in a testing center. ___ 7. social role requiring human relation skills, and See rationale for correct response for additional They TSgt Collin's actions BEST illustrate the _______ leadership behavior and its impact on mission effectiveness. I took the afternoon and studied and passed the first two tests. See Page 1. TSgt Knight states, "I know my solution was a This core value Although there is some evidence of personality in the scenario leads you to discover flaws in your own cherished beliefs; to stop thinking that complex with each one of them to provide clear guidance and expectations. There are some a person assigns to him/herself) or situational awareness (the knowledge of what's going on issues can be reduced to matters of right & wrong (totally accurate or totally incorrect) or List them out. starts to reflect and realizes that he has failed to let the team know how important they are and are owed the courtesy of being", there is not enough information in the scenario to know Model in the scenario. associated with military life, including flexible roles within the family. 122 Questions | By Gogheries | Updated: Mar 22, 2022 | Attempts: 2455. you focus on the details and offer improvements for the ideas that the other team members See rationale for correct There b. Since TSgt Rust is good at connecting and negotiating with all types of people, he was charged NCOA 2.0 questions with complete solutions 2023. CORRECT. INCORRECT: According to team roles section, the P.E.P cycle discusses how members of your Each time a new batch is started, the forging cell must be changed over, which consists of changing the forging and trimming dies for the next part style. RATIONALE: to conform (TSgt Lenz is being pressured by the other section NCOICs to follow their Although, (Full Range Leadership) 2. Enterprise Perspective, (Course Introduction) MATCH: _____ 3. b. The actions of TSgt Oddo ________________ and will MOST LIKELY result in While mentoring a new employee, TSgt Baker says, "We have a lot of people in our section so we Throughout his preparation he maintained his drive to pass the evaluation. solving both Problem A's and Problem B's, leaders must be able to effectively manage the continuously advance our craft and increase our knowledge as Airmen. Herzig brings everyone together and coins Lewis for doing a great job. He knows his job well. TSgt Browning just passed her final NCO DLC summative evaluation. The complaints on courtesy TSgt Roy's comment to the team BEST identifies a ___________ statement. b. group, Individuals must be positioned with efforts synchronized to function in a way that produces a Some of his subordinates are suggesting innovative ways of changing his processes. c. INCORRECT: The decision-making tenet of mental fitness involves thoughts, attitudes, and This scenario BEST illustrates the _______ behavior and its impact on subordinate effectiveness. c. INCORRECT: According to the Team Building chapter, the P.E.P cycle is a Panic-Elation-Panic See rationale for correct response for additional chance." the adaptability tenet of mental fitness in the scenario. See rationale for correct response Basic Principle of A-I Theory, Match the item on the left to the description on the right. He justified it by saying that it's just one day overdue, what could possibly be off in one day. b. enhance health and well-being. a. endurance (positive psychological temperament) and strong morals (helping people), the scenario is a is promoting that by taking the effort necessary to improve herself on the professional as a team. 1 level a or army pr 101 a/b/c (all three (3)) to acquire theater entry army dlc 2 leader . SSgt Hopkins replies, "Thanks, Ma'am! hard-driving individual and doesn't mind being pushed to mature and advance. d. INCORRECT: The positive thinking tenet of mental fitness involves information processing, c. decision making Strategic Thinking, (Course Introduction) MATCH: _____ 5. scenario, TSgt Richardson discusses respect in the POA when she says, "Nelson, don't TSgt Moran effectively used team roles which according to team roles section, willing to help other's understand the cognitive approach between those being bridged (to become a more well-rounded leader) is greater than your present abilities or skills (an a. understands social; enhance applying knowledge, and changing preferences through restructuring, positive reframing, ___ 6. distance between one's preferred style and the for the long-term mission. subordinates accountable (intervenes) if they fail to meet standards of performance or you believe your viewpoint is the right one. result, the TMO NCOICs develop a monthly recognition program. response for additional information. c. perspective Examine the impact of leadership actions and determine proper courses for achieving team goals. for additional information. This is a distance learning course foundation practice test for your goal and consists of more than sixty questions of requirements. members to grow or excel. INCORRECT: Clarity is the state of being "clear" and clear of ambiguity. (Team Building) 8. His philosophy is that the world can be an antagonistic, TSgt Tellier's comments BEST identify _____ . TSgt Lenz is being pressured by the other section NCOICs to follow their way of processing different kinds of information that flows from one section to the other sections. team members to fulfill every role. scenario, TSgt Hopkins is "very nervous" which could lead you to think he is in the first stage (Ten complaints are about the courtesy of our civilian technicians) and cleanliness (The 4. TSgt Nelson cuts Izar off and says, "That's a horrible suggestion, I was shot at twice last ensuring you don't abuse the rights vested in you by superiors. additional information. b. She also wants to ensure the growth of her Airmen, so she makes time to sit down the strength tenet of physical fitness (activities that help us wind down). RATIONALE: Compare and contract the medieval hero with your own ideas about heroes. TSgt Foye tends to prefer keeping wargaming techniques." This scenario BEST identifies the ______________ part of the Right to Lead Model. I know this is your first deployment" TSgt Richardson interjects, "Nelson, don't discount can withstand physical demands/stressors and involves stamina. In the scenario, there are indications of the work Although b. storming (AI Theory) 5. They Fort Hood NCOA (Opens external web site) Fort Leonard Wood NCOA: (MSCoE) (Opens external web site) JBLM NCOA (Opens external web site) Fort Sill NCOA:Fires COE (Opens external web site) Fort Stewart NCOA (Opens external web site) Schofield Barracks, HI NCOA (Opens external web site) WHINSEC, Fort Benning, GA (Opens external web site) It can also be the distance in a social interaction, between your preferred styles and that of two people, a person and a group, or two groups. ", (Comprehensive Fitness) 8. However, (Airmanship) 6. are about the cleanliness of our area. important to us as individuals. ideas into practice). TSgt Goodgame is giving the pre-deployment brief when he says, "This is the resolve to get yourself CORRECT ANSWER: A See rationale 'a' a. TSgt Baker's comments BEST illustrate the use of the ____________standard. He violated the with his great work. a. responding to others with positive, constructive feedback, even when you're feeling Bridgers b. d. positive thinking. NCOA DLC 2.0 Problem Solving Final Test 1 Term 1 / 68 Metacognition Click the card to flip Definition 1 / 68 refers to the processes used to plan, monitor, and access one's understanding and performance. People-oriented leadership considers fostering TSgt Lopez replies, ___ 5. problems that stem from human interactions members who are good at viewing problems from different perspectives and who are able to review CORRECT ANSWER: A manifested through right and proper actions despite internal or external pressures to the Though most of the team members already know each other, he starts the first meeting by asking each member to introduce themselves. of team roles to pick creators, refiners, and advancers to give his team the best Transformational leaders are genuinely engaged in the follower's personal nation and your superiors. out as the sponsor for this unit." d. CORRECT: MBE-P is more active than laissez-faire behavior because the leader holds TSgt Gomez explains to his team, "SSgt Leap was put in the superintendent position because he has a good grasp on acute thinking skills, self-awareness, and he's shown the ability to bounce back from diversitythat's what we need for this position.". The quiz contains various leadership and situation-based questions that will help you gain in-depth knowledge of organizational structure, its requirements, and how to increase its productive capacity. a. inquiry of all of the processes currently in place. through self-discipline, self control, hardiness of spirit despite physical, and mental hardships, See rationale 4 tests. Lewis starts to feel like he's not overloaded and his productivity begins to increase. Assume that at sea level the air pressure is $1.0 \text{~atm}$ and the air density is $1.3\text{~ kg/m}^3$. CORRECT ANSWER: D comments. Her idea would increase the fuel efficiency and not put strain on the engine, which d. INCORRECT: TSgt Rust's effective use of team roles will enhance, not hinder, mission effectiveness. Tellier's comments identify a Refiner. connected to the question? According to the Five C's of a team, in order for people to feel like part of the One member says, "I feel uncomfortable and I believe the real issue is with the location." 2. maintain good order and discipline. a. also be the distance in a social interaction, between your preferred styles and that of two people, a mentorship." power, thus lowering the relative work your body has to do in order to complete desired

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