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Adjusted Al Basrah POI Druglord to now be named more accurately: Warlords Compound. Fixed an issue with corn crops having dark leaves and dark artifacts in different LODs. Fixed a minor issue with the RUS Kamaz 5350 Truck where infantry were unable to fire while prone in the truck bed. Fixed an issue with various buildings and foliage culling too quickly. The team has also updated and replaced most particle VFX with improved visual fidelity and major performance optimizations. Fixed a minor visual issue with the GB FV107 Tracked Recon wreck mesh LOD. I present to you the Great Book of Lanes, a comprehensive catalogue of the possibilities in every RAAS and Invasion variant, current as of Squad's 1.0 release. Updated Mestia Invasion v1 to now use Mid Day Lighting. Updated the Fireteam notifications to include more detailed info such as: Mention the promotion if you are the new FTL. Fixed a minor UI issue with a typo for the kit limit warning for Auto Rifleman, it should read unlocked and not unclocked. One side of the camo netting appears semi-transparent up close, while the side facing the enemy is fully opaque. Another gameplay change to note is that soldier stamina will no longer regenerate while vaulting and climbing, with stamina regeneration paused during these activities. Cons: Very exposed / prominent position which is easy to target with area effect weapons. Fixed an issue with Lashkar Valley Insurgency v1, USA Helicopters were unable to resupply from their helipads. This is linked to the moment a FOB starts getting de-shoveled / HAB deactivated. This is intended to help mitigate visual anomalies from high altitudes, as well as reduce abuse of excessive helicopter spotting by exploiting LODs/landscape render issues at high altitudes. Kamdesh RAAS v6 new layout with 1 pre-captured flag. This fix will force the server to re-acknowledge the data, which means there will be increased bandwidth usage after a seamless travel (map change). Fixed a minor issue with the camo netting frame extending through the floor, at grid G8-5-7. Kamdesh RAAS v4 Fixed respawn time of an MEA MTLB 6MA (was incorrectly 10 seconds, now 6 minutes). We now achieve the desired look using lighting alone, which preserves detail. Squad Lanes has destroyed RAAS layer. Updated Main Protection Zones projectile destruction logic to now always destroy projectiles, even if there is no owning player. Squad v3.0 will be released on Wednesday, June 22nd at 18:00 UTC. The effect has been visually improved to eliminate most graphical artifacts and preserve visual detail in dark spaces. Along with every map/layer, each contains: Team Information (Name and Total Tickets) Vehicle Information (Name, Quantity and Delays) Layer Information (Weather, Command and Total Capture Points) and more! Those who know about it anticipate and destroy maps. Updated all Infantry Rifles and Machine Gun SFX to include new mechanical shaking/jostling sounds to soldiers when sprinting (both first- and third-person). This allows a 120s AAS flag to be captured in as little as 80s. Adjusted CPs: Moved Oru Village from Cluster 2 to Cluster 1, added Kanda Court to Cluster 2. Fixed some minor visual issues with the Scots Pine bush LODs and normals. Fixed a gameplay issue with vehicle spawns not respecting spawner allocation rules after their first spawn and then stealing spawners from other vehicles. Fixed an issue with the crash reporter not running for server builds, therefore not reporting crashes or ensures. Added a brand new POI: Alekseivskiy Posad, located between Mogiliovo and Kropy. Fixed vehicle spawner issue on Kohat RAAS v4 GB LPPV and FV107 will now spawn at the start of the round. Added a Material Quality graphics setting. Updated the map camera location on all Anvil gameplay map layers, its been raised up by 50m to avoid any exploitation of its location in finding enemy Radio/RP/footsteps while on deploy menu. The grass is thicker, has more variety, and includes realistic clustering of similar foliage types (such as patches of flowers). Capturing generally takes longer and the neutral flag capture rate variability is more obvious with 3 or fewer soldiers in the capture zone. Adjusted Mutaha TC v2 MEA vehicle layout, replacing the Simir Kornet with a BRDM2 + S8. Applied subtle ADS peripheral vision blur to some remaining weapons which did not yet have it. Narva Destruction v1 Fixed an issue where USA is not team1, which could result in the same team playing the same faction 2 maps in a row. Main Rifle (Non Magnified Optic): EF88 + Eotech 552 (new), Main Rifle (Magnified Optic): EF88 + Elcan Specter 4x (new), Light Machine Gun (LMG): F89 Minimi (new), General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG): Maximi (new), Light Anti-Tank (LAT): M72 LAW (Same as USA/GB/CAF), Heavy Anti-Tank (HAT): Carl Gustaf (Same as USA/CAF), Logistics Vehicle: HX60 (Retextured GB asset), Unarmed Transport Vehicle: HX60 (Retextured GB asset), Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV): ASLAV-25 (new), Main Battle Tank (MBT): M1A1 Abrams (Modified USA asset), ATGM: BG71 TOW Emplacement (Same as USA/GB/CAF), Mortar: 81mm F2 Emplacement (Same as USA/GB/CAF), 12 Cannon Salvo Circle (Same as USA/GB/CAF), 12 Cannon Salvo Line (Same as USA/GB/CAF), Commander UAV: MQ-9 Reaper (Same as USA/GB/CAF). Fixed some areas where foliage bushes was clipping into houses. Fixed a minor issue where ticket values would sometimes appear in the negative at the end of a round. Goose Bay Fixed various floating grass. Skorpo is a map featured in Squad. RAAS v08. Adjusted the INS RPD ammo cost per boxmag to 15 ammo points, instead of 11. You may want to raise or lower your graphics settings from what you used before this update. Optimized foliage by reducing the maximum number of non-visible foliage triangles allowed to be drawn at once. The layer is focused on light vehicle combat, each team has access to up to 20 light vehicles (CAF TAPV and RUS Tigr). RAAS v10. Adjusted all Technical SPG9 vehicle spawn times to now be 10min (some map layers previously had 5 or 6 minute spawn times). help us fix things faster, and we truly appreciate those that have filled out and sent in crash reports. Updated the Standard Lighting so FX emissive bloom can be adjusted by material instance brightness where needed. A "lock" icon will appear over a capture zone when a team . This new revised landscape should appear more natural, with a minor increase in micro terrain. Fixed an issue on Goose Bay AAS v1 with tilted helipads at the RUS main. Updated binoculars with new zoom in/ zoom out sounds. RAAS v06. Capturing the center flag does not cause any ticket loss or ticket bleed. Added subtle Volumetric Fog to all maps, which reacts to light more realistically. Fixed an exploitable non-enterable room to prevent radio placement. Setting it to Low will disable the effect altogether. Local/Offline Bug with Commander UAV hovers in one position instead of moving along the flight path in local. Adjusted all Mutaha map layers helicopter altitude threshold to be decreased from 400m to 300m. Fixed clipping issues/exploits with rocks at grid C4-1-3, G6-8-7. Updated ragdoll ankles to be stiffer, to create a more realistic death but also to prevent soldier feet from twisting up in weird unrealistic ways. Fixed thousands of legacy assets that exhibited visual artifacts in the new lighting and fog. Fixed various foliage issues across multiple maps: Fixed Oak Cluster from having inconsistent LODs on too many vertices. Arrows will appear on the Capture Progress Bar to indicate how quickly the point is being captured or lost. Updated the MEA MTLB 6MA APC & MEA BRDM2 to now have collision on the UB32 rocket pod. As was noted earlier today we have discovered an exploit in Squad and while we believe we have it fixed in v2.12 there is a small chance that it might slightly delay the updates release. The capture progress bar will also be hidden to indicate the flag is no longer valid to capture. Updated Character footstep SFX with new unique sounds for moving over various surfaces: rock, loose rock, gritty concrete, forest, gravel, dirt. This is intended to help mitigate visual anomalies from high altitudes, as well as reduce abuse of excessive helicopter spotting by exploiting LODs/landscape render issues at high altitudes. Infantry Tutorial Updated to include the AUS faction on the soldier and vehicle identification board. Additionally, when leaving the UAV camera, they hear all of the local audio broadcasts at the same time, originating from the point where they were initially transmitted from even if the person doing the transmission has moved afterward. Fixed an issue with the minimap on all maps which support helicopters (using soft map boundary), the minimap appeared more dim/darker than intended. I already made a thread about it here a few months ago and simply due to the fact that it got zero response from any member of the development team one can only assume that such behavior is actually officially condoned. Skirmish v1. optimized the LODs on the Coal Tipple Building. before taking any other troubleshooting steps. Fixed an issue with projectiles like hand grenades not showing VFX or audio (debris sounds). Fixed a minor issue with a floating ammo crate at US main on Tallil Invasion v3. Fixed LODs before imposter on Beech/Oak trees. Those who know about it anticipate and destroy maps. Fixed a stone wall clipping into a corrugated metal fence around a western edge homestead. Added a new Capture Rate Indicator to the HUD Flag Status widget (in the top right of the screen). Overall this change should discourage rushing flags by increasing the chances of encountering a full squad on the point, rather than a lone enemy on back-cap duty. Mention the demotion if you are no longer the FTL. Adjusted many Invasion map layers to add an initial 5-minute delay for the Defending Teams Technical SPG9. Local/Offline Bug with Weapon damages: When playing offline on Jensens Range, Weapon damages with both Infantry and Vehicle weapons are not accurately replicated. Fallujah Fixed a detached wall segment at grid G5-3-2. Numerous fixes and updates to improve Squads modding SDK.These have been communicated directly to our modding community on the Squad Modding HUB Discord server. We have overhauled the graphics scalability settings for Shadows and Ambient Occlusion. Improved Distance Field Ambient Occlusion (DFAO) and enabled at all quality levels. Fixed a gameplay issue with pilots getting excessively harsh team kill penalties in relation to crashing helicopters with multiple passengers. Fixed an issue on several Invasion/Insurgency map layers where the Defenders would have the wrong intro text & staging phase text. Players could also use this as a corner-piece to connect with a larger network of defensive deployables like the HASCO walls, sandbags, HMG bunkers, etc. Added a new map layer: Fallujah Seed v1 (USA vs MEA) New map layer for server seeding, which includes a single capture point in the Market with restriction zones. Squads v2.12 Update has been in development for a considerable amount of time here at Offworld Industries and the entire development team is excited for you to get your hands on it and finally experience it in the live game! !vote cancel - Cancels current round of voting. Fixed vehicle spawner issue on several Yehorivka layers that would cause the incorrect vehicle to spawn at a given location. If the player presses the fire button for a short period, the sound effect gives the impression that you fired more rounds than you did. Fixed some floating grass at grid F5-5-8. Fixed the issues with the backdrop mountains texture. In the future, restriction zone functionality may be extended to some of our larger maps as well. Adjusted the corn and wheat fields to remove the short grass. Adjusted GB teams Squad Leader to now display as Section Leader for GB SL 01, SL 02, SL 03. Fixed an issue with a compound buildings floor and ceiling incorrectly displaying metal sheeting material at grid O5-5-1. Players playing Squad on systems that are below our minimum specifications may find that this update does not run as well as previous versions of the game. Updated the MEA G3 Rifle series firing sounds. Textures do not become excessively blobby at lower settings. Redesigned to be both as unpredictable as possible, while also maintaining the sanity of those who play, Hawks RAAS Rework is a hybrid between the olden days of Full Random, and the new-school Laned RAAS. Fixed a minor issue with wall pieces protruding where they shouldnt, at grid H7-3-9. These vehicles are equipped with a very fast velocity and flat trajectory weapon, and when combined with their high mobility, they can be used to devastating effect at long ranges. If you encounter this issue after this fix, we appreciate all player reports through discord, forums, etc. Fixed an issue with road/railroad culling distances being very low. Added a new map layer: Al Basrah Seed v1 (GB vs MEA) new map layer for server seeding, which includes a single capture point in the Crossroads with restriction zones and forward spawns. Adjusted the text to be scrollable along with images for aspect ratios which require scrolling. Standard and Far Shadows have been replaced with more optimized Cascade Shadow Maps. All infantry inside the restriction zone can take damage from projectiles and anything else that causes damage. I put this together for a couple reasons, partially out of personal interest in how some of the stranger layers function but also because of how often I see newer players struggle with . For example lets take Mutaha. Added Atmospheric Scattering to all maps, which improves ambient lighting and the shading of distant objects such as mountains. Adjusted GB FV107s HAT damage modifier. With this adjustment, the intention is to put more emphasis on the SPG9 vehicle crew to maneuver more carefully in an active combat zone, instead of previously being able to arrive at ideal ambush positions, over-watching the first objective before the enemy had a chance to maneuver. Updated a few maps with an initial implementation of a new landscape shader, which allows for greatly improved landscape detail. Fixed a minor issue with a floating rock at grid D13-8-9. These layers use a regular RAAS flag lattice instead of the RAAS Lanes flag lattice, which should be far less predictable / more variable. Fixed an issue with decorative stones causing issues with players crawling into the collisionless mesh by reducing the overall scale/size of these objects. These fixes have all been communicated to Server Owners on the Offworld Industries Hosting Discord server. Vehicle Reset Feature does not currently work with Helicopters. Removed Eye Adaptation from all layers to reduce exploits and allow for balanced gameplay in all areas. 2 pre-captured flag, INS/MIL begins with 2 flags pre-captured and starts with an extra 40 tickets. If a player does not have a microphone plugged in at launch, or accidentally unplug their microphone and then plug it back in, Squad needs to be restarted to get the microphone to work again This issue will likely require an engine upgrade to UE4.25 or above to be fixed. Fixed an issue with a stone fence that players can enter and see through at grid F6-4-7. Added a Tessellation graphics toggle. Added a new road connection between the Bunker and Train Bridge OP. This draws focus to the action and enhances the look of visual effects. deployables to be placed intention is to disallow all deployables in the sewers. Fixed ambient reflections failing to save properly, which resulted in some maps missing pre-rendered reflections. Admin Commands. Fixed exploitable cliffs near Russian Outpost POI. Updated all muzzle flashes to now kick up much more dust after sustained firing. RAAS v07. Smoke, grass, bushes and other foliage will now be blown around when a helicopter hovers low to the ground during flybys / landings. We are continuously working to improve server performance and optimization. GB FV510 IFV was particularly susceptible to this issue. This has been a difficult fix for us to track down, so far with the fix in place we have yet to reproduce this bug. Fixed vehicle spawners on Skorpo Invasion v1 and added 2 Minsk bikes that respawn at Main for MIL. Updated CAF weapon text description in the role loadout screen. This, The deploy screen squad list will sometimes display incorrect players that are not actually in the squad. Exception is RUS AR kits with RPK-74, which should spawn with 2x 45 round magazines (90 rounds in total). RAAS v12. Fixed an issue with the Castle POI walls culling too soon. Fixed issue with shiny roads on several maps. This should ensure that soldiers in open-top turrets could receive damage from explosions only when these explosions happen within line of sight. Fixed an issue with Kornet Emplacement, which was not taking HAT damage properly. Created a new shading pipeline for all grass and foliage, ensuring a more consistent and physically-accurate response to light. Note: autocannon are unchanged and still use a 50cm kill zone radius. Adjusted the MEA BRDM-2, MEA BMP-2, MEA BMP-1, MEA Ural-4320 & RUS Woodland BMP-2 hull textures to improve the resolution on small details like the lamp, turret cloth and track wheels. Australian Defence Force; British Army; Canadian Army; Civilians; Insurgent Forces This increases to 1.2x with 5 and 1.3x with 6, up to a maximum of 1.5x. We have not been able to reproduce this issue since the fix was implemented. Updated Fireteam HUD notification icons to now match the colour associated with the relevant Fireteam (Note Fireteam colors are as follows: Fireteam A = Light Green, Fireteam B = Purple, Fireteam C = Cyan). SFX bug while Firing in full auto. We hope that this increases the teamwork necessary to use these vehicles effectively, especially during the beginning stages of an Invasion round. Improved the visibility of muzzle flashes. Fixed a visual issue with the vehicle HUD, where a vehicles, destroyed turret component indicator would incorrectly display that the turret stabilisation was still active, even though the. Minsk motorbikes will deal less damage to nearby infantry when they explode (~5m or less). Updated minimap with the intent to make height more readable, minimap now also features trees. Some of the new Seed layers have experimental features added to try out various scenarios to see how they play out, Tallil Seed v1 is focused on light vehicle combat, the rest of the seeding layers dont have offensive vehicles, On Tallil Seed v1, Logar Seed v1, and Sumari Seed v1 the Mercy Bleed rate for losing your last flag has been increased to -300 tickets per second (essentially instantly ending the round), Al Basrah Seed v1, Fallujah Seed v1, and Tallil Seed v2 have Restriction zones limiting the fighting to middle flag(s), At the moment, these restriction zones stay in place until the end of the round.

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