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Reports suggest that StubHub Inc. has agreed to enter into a settlement agreement and pay around $9.5 million to its customers in different states across the United States after it allegedly did not refund its clients' tickets after event cancellations caused by COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease-2019). It said the coupon would now be the "standard policy for canceled events, with refunds available in jurisdictions where they are required.". I am still awaiting a refund for a Nets game postponed in December. BOSTON . You will also give up your right to object to the Settlement and you will not be able to be part of any other lawsuit about the legal claims in this case. StubHub was sued in a class action over the policy change, and saw its public image battered, all while its purchase by viagogo was being picked apart by regulators in the UK before being approved with contingencies, further hindering its ability to take action to survive the pandemic. StubHub calls for MLB refund lawsuit to be sent to arbitration - TheTicketingBusiness News All the latest entertainment ticketing ecosystem news from around the globe and up-to-the-minute media coverage from all the leading voices in the ticketing business industry, all in one place - curated and edited by TheTicketingBusiness team at Xperiology. In the email, the company also admitted that the impact of the coronavirus pandemic made it impossible to sustain its ticket buyer and seller refund practices in the near-term while still touting its voucher offerings as clear and fan-first, according to the suit. According to the filing, McMillan purchased two tickets to an NHL game in early March. Gibbs Law Group filed a complaint on May 1, 2020 against StubHub for refusing to refund customers who purchased tickets for events that have been cancelled in light of COVID-19. Entertainment industries have seen every event canceled or postponed for a foreseeable future. However, it will likely face a significant amount of litigation. With the coronavirus impacting 28,000 events and the associated magnitude of challenge in recouping monies owed by sellers over the coming months, it is currently impossible for us to offer immediate cash to buyers, StubHub said at the time. Para una notificacin en Espaol, haga clic AQU. A consent judgment will clarify the terms of the FanProtect Guarantee and StubHub. StubHub's parent company, Viagogo Entertainment, has avoided a class action lawsuit that accused the company of unfairly offering customers who had purchased tickets to cancelled or delayed events vouchers rather than refunds. Be the first one to find this review helpful. With the complete shutdown of large gatherings, countless businesses are being impacted. When I punched this ticket, they had already charged nearly a $100 fee, and now, because of all the confusion, they charged me another $500, all of these added up are more expensive than my original ticket. U.S. District Judge Haywood Gilliam of Oakland on Monday refused to compel arbitration of California state-law claims by a class of consumers who allege that StubHub Inc wrongfully changed its. Following the consolidation of four customer lawsuits in August 2020, class counsel was recently named in the MDL against ticketing company, StubHub. Though the plaintiffs in cases filed against Vivid Seats and SeatGeek attempted to add those suits to the MDL as well, the judges declined stating that very few efficiencies would be gained from an industry-wide consolidation effort. Although the case has not yet reached a final verdict, the judge has scheduled a hearing before the end of the year. StubHub did agree to offer cash refunds to some customers in the US and Canada that bought tickets prior to March 25, 2020, but those that purchased tickets thereafter have been given credit for canceled events. This is not good customer care and I would recommend you think carefully before trying to buy tickets through this avenue. StubHub is an eBay company that began selling and reselling event tickets in 2000. We are facing significant timing delays in recouping funds from the thousands of sellers on our platform, and expect these challenges to continue in the coming months," Cassidy wrote. Please be patient. Further, the voucher never came through! New Jersey Lawyers Fund for Client Protection, Employee Lawsuit Settlement Things to Consider When Choosing a Lawsuit Settlement, Class Action Lawsuit Benefactor Who Can Be a Class Action Lawsuit Benefactor, An Overview of a Glipizide Class Action Lawsuit, When to File a Class Action Lawsuit Against Yahoo, A 23 and Me Lawsuit Reveals False Promises About Health Risks, Ticketmaster Lawsuit Tickets A Class Action Lawsuit, DeVry University Class Action Lawsuit and Federal Loan Forgiveness Programs, District Attorney of Marin County, California, CareCredit Lawsuit Settlement First Victory For Consumers. McMillan challenges the policy change, saying StubHub did not act fiscally responsible. McMillan cites StubHub's FanProtect guarantee is a misrepresentation. StubHub is offering some customers cash refunds for tickets to events that were canceled during the pandemic, creating an exception to a no-refunds policy it adopted in March 2020 to the dismay of . While the customer service representative was apologetic, they couldn't come to a solution to find me a replacement ticket, or a voucher that would cover one of the 100s of pairs of seats that were still floating around. McMillian purchased the ticket with StubHub's money-back guarantee policy, FanProtect guarantee. CGC18564120, pending in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of San Francisco, which alleges StubHub's method of displaying ticket fees charged to purchasers violated California consumer protection law. Combined with viagogo, we now span 90+ countries around the world. As a result, weve enacted new policies in the US and Canada that we believe are clear and fan-first.. I called them today, and at least they answered and a nice woman said she would escalate the refund and personally get back to me with an update. No mention is made of the safety of the attendees. Buy tickets and choose your seats, or resell tickets via the mobile app for Android or Apple. I received a confirmation email telling me that my tickets were confirmed and I would be receiving another email with the link to the mobile tickets by the next day. In closing, the court implored the parties to work together efficiently and cooperatively to move this case forward.. According to the suit, StubHubs rollback of its FanProtect Guarantee amid the COVID-19 crisis left thousands of ticketholders without refunds for canceled events despite the defendants earlier promises that this option would be available. Instead of section 130 row 18 I was offered 452 row 15 which is behind the stage and the absolute lowest priced ticket StubHub was currently offering. In last weeks opinion, Judge Gilliam once again determined that StubHub failed to produce evidence showing that the plaintiffs assented to the arbitration agreement when they purchased tickets on the app. I found out they listed under a wrong account. And the seats they offered were listed for $30 less than the ones I purchased. The company has yet to comment on the lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, StubHub president Sukhinder Singh Cassidy had the temerity to claim in an email that the theft of customers money, i.e. StubHub has stated that they will provide no comment on pending litigation. It also points to a recent spike in e-ticket sales, which increased ticket prices. They offered me 125% of price paid in credit or refund to my CC. 12/29/2022. Until the event id canceled (not postponed) they won't give a refund. Customers who bought tickets to events through StubHub on or before March 25, 2020 will now be able to obtain a cash refund from the company. For most lawsuits, theres nothing you need to do in order to be a part of or join a class action lawsuit. The reaction was quick and decisive sports business reporter Darren Rovell referred to the policy as not only absurd (fans deserve their $ back), [but that] its unethical and likely illegal, in a tweet. He has prosecuted a variety of consumer protection and complex employment cases. I bought my tickets under a much different safety expectation. On basketball tickets that was cancelled and they would not refund them because at that time the NBA had not cancelled all games, even though they never played any after that during the entire year and some. I was a part of this fiascoplease add me. If you would prefer a cash refund, simply . Have you purchased tickets on StubHub to an event that was cancelled during the COVID-19 pandemic? The court is expected to rule in favor of the plaintiffs at the end of the year. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. In a March 30message to the ticket buying community, StubHub president Sukhinder Singh Cassidy explained the policy change. Terms and Conditions. A California class-action lawsuit has been filed against the ticketing site StubHub. Come to find I was charged $300 from my bank account. As the complaint puts it: The COVID-19 cancelations and Defendants trademarked FanProtect Guarantee should have meant that StubHub ticketholders like Plaintiff were promptly refunded their hard-earned moneymoney consumers now need more than ever in a time when many of StubHubs customers have lost their jobs and are suffering financial hardship. The credits issued by the company are valid through the end of 2022. Payments will be provided if the Court approves the Settlement and after any appeals are resolved. StubHub is an American ticket exchange and resale company. I was offered alternative tickets. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. There is a chance that StubHub will settle the case in the future. A California class-action lawsuit has been filed against the ticketing site StubHub. Customers who bought tickets to events through StubHub on or before March 25, 2020 will now be able to obtain a cash refund from Dierks Bentley Announces Gravel & Gold Summer Tour Dates, Suga Cancelled Sale, Ticket Pricing Another Verified Mess for Ticketmaster, Eventbrite Plans to Lay Off 8% of Staff; Outsource Other Roles, The Lumineers Announces Plans for 2023 Tour Dates, Ticketing Startup Backed by A-Rod, Marc Lore Launched, Ticketmaster Announced as Major League Soccer Ticketing Partner. A Phoenix resident has filed a proposed class action against StubHub in which she claims to be one of many consumers stuck with worthless tickets to canceled events after the $4 billion ticket marketplace decided to walk back its longstanding FanProtect refund guarantee. I was informed they could not secure the tickets from the seller. They sent me tickets for a baseball game on the wrong day. It is important to note that the settlement is not final and the settlement process is ongoing. StubHub, an event ticket re-seller, told him the company couldn't issue a refund, only a credit towards a future event. The company reportedlydoesnt have enough liquidity to honour these requests though. Actions does not process claims and we cannot advise you on the Class action complaints are a matter of public record, and our objective on this website is merely to share the information in these legal documents in an easily digestible way. The suit also calls for a return of customer trust. Please add me to this class action against STUB HUB. StubHub changed its refund policy about a month ago. Please add me I have purchased two sets of tickets and I have yet to get stubhub to respond. StubHub is represented by McDermott Will & Emery LLP. The Settlement Class includes all persons who purchased at least one ticket from StubHub while in California using the StubHub website or mobile website from September 1, 2015 to September 1, 2019. The court ordered the company to refund customers if the event was canceled and refund them in full. Ticket exchange and resale company StubHub has been hit with a $5 million dollar federal class action lawsuit, Billboard reports. In March 2020, as the scope . The company is accused of failing to resolve complaints from tens of thousands of customers. StubHub claims it is postponed not cancelled and will not give me my money. Print. I had to do all the work, not them. . All rights reserved. faces a proposed class action that alleges the company wrongfully charged a California man for tickets to a summer 2020 concert that was postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. In this . If the show is rescheudled your tickets are good for the new date and you can either attend the show or sell the tickets. Ticketholders brought a lawsuit against the company, demanding that they get cash . I tried contacting support and I kept getting the same response. As always, we recommend consumers do their best to stay informed, in particular given the swell in coronavirus-related class action lawsuits like this one. StubHub is offering some customers cash refunds for tickets to events that were canceled during the pandemic, creating an exception to a no-refunds policy it adopted in March 2020 to the. No refund bottom line. It is possible to request a refund on a purchased StubHub ticket manually. I deleted my account. Deadline: May 17, 2022. Read About More Class Action Lawsuits & Class Action Settlements: document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); No I never purchased anything from StubHub, HOWEVER I worked for them for a very short time, their shady business dealings was very unnerving to me as well as I read this lawsuit they are in total violation of the court order I worked for them during the merging of viagogo and stubhub that took place In May of this year our emails went from stubhubcorp to to 3 emails in 3 weeks it was awful I called them out on their fan protect guarantee as well as arguing why we were trainined in april and May to NOT give refunds to customers instead DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS and I have documentation fo the training it stated on every learning module and it stated that we were NOT to give refunds under any circumstances UNLESS the customer gave pushback they have now taken their 120% refund bs back down to 100 but dont tell the customer unless asked but anyway I was called into a meeiting put on paid suspension which I stayed on for a month then was terminated due to the outcome of the investigation what investigationi? Lawsuits were filed after the company stopped honoring its "fan guarantee" refund policy in March of last year, giving consumers who purchased tickets to events that were cancelled a voucher good for future use on StubHub instead of a cash refund. There are only two ways to request your refund from them on your own: Calling StubHub Support Emailing the company You also need to read their terms and conditions regarding disputes as you may be forced to file in their state where their company is incorporated. I listed tickets and never heard back that they sold. that customers who buy a ticket to an event that is cancelled and not rescheduled can choose between a cash refund or a credit worth 120 percent of what was paid for the event. Matthew McMillan accuses the ticket resale company of breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation, among other claims. Amanda Bronstad staff reporter Two women will lead lawsuits filed against StubHub after allegedly failing to refund event tickets due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company also cited a UK Competition and Markets Authority order that prevented StubHub from acquiring Viagogo Entertainment. StubHub is the origin source of the transaction. To sum up, they said there was nothing they could do and seemed to take absolutely no responsibility, blaming the seller, despite their entire business being based on brokering third party tickets. WTF I am sorry this happened to so many peopl and even sorrier to say that I unfortunately worked for them for a few months. In response, he received a refund in the form of a coupon worth 120% of the original price. Check out our list of Class Action Lawsuits and Class Action Settlements you may qualify to join! Law Analysis StubHub Denied Dismissal of Lawsuit Over COVID Refund Claims By Michael McCann May 17, 2022 9:30am After StubHub made a second attempt to have a suit over its COVID refund policy dismissed, the court ruled against it. StubHub has my $253 for tickets I sold. Fast forward to the next day: I'm in my way to the venue city early (3pm for a 7pm game) and have not received my tickets. The company is accused of failing to resolve complaints from tens of thousands of customers. I purchased a pair of last minute tickets to Adele in Las Vegas on February 25/2023. As of today, StubHub says that customers who buy a ticket to an event that is cancelled and not rescheduled can choose between a cash refund or a credit worth 120 percent of what was paid for the event. The complaint was reportedly filed by a Wisconsin man named. I will never use this company again to buy or sell tickets. Who should shoulder those cancellation costs? Get buying tips about Ticket Websites delivered to your inbox. Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival tickets for the upcoming concert tour are on sale at StubHub. I bought 2 tickets to a concert in SC that was cancelled. Amy has built a reputation in the plaintiffs bar for delivering results and justice to consumers and sexual assault survivors in class action and mass tort litigation. FALSE. According to the complaint,StubHub has walked away from its longstanding FanProtect guarantee of cash refunds upon event cancellation. On Feb. 26, StubHubs general counsel was hailing the companysFanProtect program to Congress as the hallmark of our business and it is why we have earned the trust of fans around the globe. By March 12, StubHub was nudging consumers toward a coupon valued at 120 percent of the original purchase even whileacknowledging, Our policy is to provide a full refund with fees if an event is canceled. But by March 25, refunds were only provided to buyers where required by law as the 120 percent coupon became the default policy. 24/7 customer support:

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