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But I still find that I want to tweak each image just a bit. Its most similar to Dramatic Monochrome, so if you like that recipe youll like this one, too. A sharp, hard, black and somewhat aggressive look. October 11, 2020 @ Thank you, Thomas! Join Me LIVE Today to Talk About StreetPhotography! Cheers from Oregon! How would I reproduce these in older x trans sensor? TMax 400 is also my favourite b&w recipe. The sheer number of images was overwhelming. This recipe produces gorgeous pastel tones especially in soft light, with a slight shift towards the greens that's reminiscent of some classic Fuji film stocks. Film rarely looks contrasty in the way most people edit their digital images these days. The process of shooting film, from the tactility of the Leica M7 and . Take a look at the film simulation recipes by Fuji X Weeklys Ritchie Roesch. In my opinion it works well over exposed ( just like real portra ) and in contrasty outdoor lighting. Fake grain is for hipsters or Instagram. Khrt Louis Williams Sharpness: 0 When I got my X-T3 I suddenly could use the then very much fawned upon Eterna profile. Sharpening 65, Detail 10, Masking 30. You've . You are doing a great job. Excellent Job. It all depends. , Hi I wanted to thank you for sharing your simulations. I will be trying out your Kodachrome formula for sure. An old-school faded look on based on the Classic Chrome film simulation based in your Fujifilm camera. The JPEGs are ephemeral. And I still import them to lightroom sometimes, if Im not happy with the jpgs. Nobody pays me to write the content found on fujixweekly.com. 8:44 pm. I would advise Classic Chrome, Eterna, and Pro Neg. As with Acros, there are three variants for this mode; you can add a red, yellow, or green filter. I may even make a post featuring some of the best image that use that hashtag! The problem is the film held up so well in almost any lightingsort of had a built in Auto WB and digital seems to render differently as the light changes, One of things youll notice is the Nat Geo pros images look slightly underexposed and more contrasty if you really study a lot of them. Your first photo Stop Here on Infrared is terrific. I began exploring different possibilities using the in-camera film simulation settings and came across Ritchie Roeschs Fuji X Weekly blog, which features some really excellent Fujifilm recipes inspired by classic films. Choose your sensor to find the film simulation recipes that are compatible with your Fujifilm camera: X-Trans V X-Trans IV X-Trans III X-Trans II X-Trans I Bayer GFX New: Community Recipes! I would modify this recipe with a slightly warmer toning. I think nearly ever bank on my X-T30, X100V, X-E4 and X-T1 are filled will experimental recipes. I enjoy black and white very much. This workflow has dramatically reduced my editing time on the computer and also helped me to focus on getting things right in camera, instead of shooting mindlessly and hopping to fix it in post. Drop file here. Again, thanks. The White Balance (and WB Shift) is critical to this recipe, so double-check that it is correct. February 1, 2023 @ White Balance : Auto WB Shift Red +2 Blue -4. Im a big fan of Kodaks tones especially in its slide films so my color simulation is geared towards that warmer look, but you can change that just by changing the WB shift. Not every one will make it to this blog, but many of them will eventually. I want to set myself the goal to be consistent in my styles. ISO: ISO 1600 - 12800. Your email address will not be published. Dynamic Range: DR200 You need to bare that in mind when shooting with this film recipe. Perhaps because of the proliferation of smartphones and film filters, people are entering big camera photography with the expectation of no editing. Just got the X-T2 and have been taking it everywhere the last couple of days documenting everything going on around me. I love using the Fuji film simulations on that Fuji X Weekly article you mention I like using the Portra one although the WB setting is never right for me! Here are the settings you need: Film Prest: Classic Chrome It works very well at daylight either with sun or overcast. Even in situations where this recipe doesnt resemble infrared or full-spectrum, it will still produce a dramatic, high-contrast look that you might find appealing. Urban Decay (2019) Fujifilm X100F Ilford HP5 film recipe. Your email address will not be published. Its nothing short of amazing the range you get when editing Fujifilms raf files, especially when it comes to recovering shadows and highlights. Departure Berlin a collection of black and white images made during years of commuting through the wonderful but also gritty city of Berlin. This recipe actually reduces color a fair amount and therefore looks quite flat. Dynamic Range: DR200 You can upload: image, audio, video, document, spreadsheet, interactive, text, archive, code, other. Marcel Fraij - Inspiring selection of colour and mono recipes, including a personal favourite of mine, C201. Example photographs, all camera-made JPEGs using this Dramatic Monochrome film simulation recipe on my Fujifilm X-T30: Chair Near a Window - Farmington, UT - Fujifilm X-T30. I try to shoot like Im shooting film. Thats my main B&W simulation, I almost never process the raws in those files. Miguel, Man, thats one of the best compliments Ive ever gotten I love art that cannot be easily categorized, so for someone to say that about my photographs is just incredible, thank you very much for sharing that! But perhaps that is one of the many things that distinguish them (your photos, I mean) they are hard to pigeonhole, they defy simple categorizations. It requires special film, or a digital sensor that has had the infrared filter removed. Obviously wrong idea! Noise Reduction: -4 Take the Blind Film Simulation Recipe Test to See Which Might Be YourFavorite! Nonetheless couldnt resist using both the physical and film mode filters at once. You can compare film recipes to real film stock on this wonderful site. | FUJI X WEEKLY, 6 Reasons I Love My Fujifilm X100F - Doug Ash Photography, The 7 custom Fujifilm recipes on my camera right now Life, Unintended, Update Recipe(s) in the Spotlight Lus Costa Life Unintended Open Source Photography, Tips voor het bewerken van straatfotos Gerard van der Net Fotografie, Hiking With The Fujifilm X100F - A Love Letter, Luis Costa's Black & White Film Recipe - Beautiful Fuji, Color: +3 (sometimes Ill drop it to +1 when I want a less saturated look), Exposure compensation: typically between +1/3 and +1, Exposure compensation: typically between +1/3 and +2/3, Exposure compensation: between +1/3 and +2/3, ISO: usually 12800 but sometimes Ill switch to Auto-ISO with a minimum of 2000 if theres too much light or if I want less grain, adds a slight fade on the shadows using the tone curve. Expand the Camera Matching options. I suggest you reset your custom WB that you use for Portra recipe once with a white card (maybe in daylight). Joe D'Agostino - 7 useful film recipes including Kodak films such as Kodachrome 64 and Portra 400. Maybe they never shot film or think, a little grain make it a film look. For your black and whites do you use the above Acros+R setting as well? Thankfully I wrote them into the image metadata. Its one of the more difficult to use recipes that Ive created, yet it is highly rewarding. Example photographs, all camera-made JPEGs using this Black & White Infrared film simulation recipe on my Fujifilm X100V: Crafts & Hobbies West Valley City, UT Fujifilm X100V, Cloud Above The Wall Draper, UT Fujifilm X100V, Flags Over IKEA Infrared Draper, UT Fujifilm X100V, Pinnacle Farmington, UT Fujifilm X100V, Suburban Abstract Farmington, UT Fujifilm X100V, Suites West Valley City, UT Fujifilm X100V, Paved Paradise West Valley City, UT Fujifilm X100V, Accessible Parking West Valley City, UT Fujifilm X100V, Done Shopping West Valley City, UT Fujifilm X100V, Soda Glass West Valley City, UT Fujifilm X100V, Couch Stripes Farmington, UT Fujifilm X100V, Flowers in the Sky Big Sky, MT Fujifilm X100V, Grey Hills Red Rock Lakes NWR, MT Fujifilm X100V, Abandoned Dream Infrared Red Rock Lakes NWR, MT Fujifilm X100V, Abandoned House by the Hill IR Red Rock Lakes NWR, MT Fujifilm X100V, Henrys Fork River Island Park, ID Fujifilm X100V, Upper Red Rock Lake IR Red Rock Lakes NWR, MT Fujifilm X100V, Red Rock Road Monochrome Red Rock Lakes NWR, MT Fujifilm X100V, Aspen Leaves Infrared Farmington, UT Fujifilm X100V, Illuminated Tree West Valley City, UT Fujifilm X100V, Infrared Tree Farmington, UT Fujifilm X100V. Highlight: +2 Noir means black in French and it was commonly used to describe the style of a film, novel, or something vintage . I find that it doesnt always work well. Im glad youre enjoying the recipes, Fuji cameras are the best for those of us who dont like wasting time editing images. ISO: Auto ISO up to 6400 is fine. Thanks so much! Bee That cloud is a bit ghostly looking, isnt it? Shadows -45. Manage Settings Any chance you have the first recipe thats to emulate Kodak Gold 200 for a newer camera like the X-S10? I use it primarily for portraits. Thus I entered a phase of trying out every possible recipe to get a feel for what I can do with a Fujifilm camera. The built-in default recipes are nothing special to lose, and if you really want one you can reprogram it if youd like. There are so many Kodak simulations that the differences are sometimes just marginal. If you like an old-fashioned color palette, you will love this collection of Fuji Lightroom Presets for giving a new feel to your photography. This one has even more contrast than Tri-X 400 with the shadows pushed even more and highlights brought back. I think it falls under the radar a little because of Tri-X, but its very good. It is a little more contrasty than the colour recipes but thats fine, most black and white film has slightly stronger contrast. Imai (Soft Filmic Monochrome Look) Monochrome + R. Highlight 0. I tried true red/orange filters on the fuji the other day for the first time. Similar to Pushed Kodak Tri -X. Straight out of camera as they are. As of this writing, its only compatible with the Fujifilm X100V, X-Pro3 and X-T4 cameras. I enjoyed it very much. So in order to simplify my shooting process and get more consistent results, I decided to stick with just one color simulation and one black & white simulation recipe. The Fuji film simulations are light years better than color profiles on canon to get a film look without having to go into post processing. Weve come all this way just to return back to film? I appreciate the feedback! I even saved a preset on my camera with it. You can get as many different looks as you want, none necessarily better than the others, just different. I just took his idea a step further to make it even more dramatic for this recipe. I carry my camera pretty much everywhere I go. Comparing simulated Tri-X with film stock, it never really captures the panchromatic look in my eyes. Grain Effect: Weak Sharpening: +2. This was my first recipe and it still holds a special place in my heart. If in doubt, Fujifilm states right on the camera; "Shoot in black and white in rich detail with sharpness" Change). Color Chrome Effect: Off Thank you for sharing! I can assure you the following content is anything but bland but what else could I possibly title this blog post. What monochrome setting should it be at: Y, G, or R? This sim looks great straight without any modifications. Film Simulation Bracketing. 5:13 pm. HelloI can not find this item? It can be very tough to gauge the best exposure, and Ive had to go anywhere from -1 to +3 on the exposure compensation dial to get it right. Thanks for the article and the diverse array of sample photos to give us an idea of what your recipe looks like in different contexts. Tips. without sacrificing immediate visual impact by washing out the black tones. Some recipes are made for different generations of Fujifilm sensors and had to be adapted somewhat. Have you tried importing the jpgs to lightroom instead of the Rafs? Hi, I really love the look of your X-trans IV recipe but I own a X-T30 without some options. With digital editing may be more important whether you are letting Fujifilms algorithms produce pleasing jpegs in camera or if you shoot raw and edit in Lightroom. Colour Chrome Effect: Weak The new part is my color film simulation settings, previously I had been using exclusively Ritchies recipes for color work! But Ritchie has come up with some amazing simulations, I use them all the time! Colour: 0 White Balance: 6300K, -1 Red & -4 Blue . Kodachrome was an experiment and my attempt of reviving something of the iconic film stock we lost a while back. Highlight: +2 Thanks for sharing with us , Thank you for the feedback, glad you liked it! I shot Kodachrome for many years and have yet to see anyone replicate it with digital so looking forward to trying this. Colour: 0 Tri-X has a good reputation as a photojournalistic film therefore I was drawn to the recipe. Have a Ricoh GR series camera? . This recipe is contrasty and clean. Its no wonder that as soon as I got my own X-pro3, I set it to Classic Negative and pretty much never changed it since! document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); My favorite Fujifilm film simulation recipes. When I go into the quick menu under C7, theres a Base C7 for Tri-X and a C7 for Tri-X when Im scrolling through the custom film simulations. Sharpness: 0 Most of us do this with a lens filter that blocks most of the visible spectrum (like 750nm) and custom white balance set with a white card and the filter. 5:30 pm. Required fields are marked *. It looks natural, realistic and slightly warm. One thing that bugs me a bit is that the custom setting is not recorded in metadata, meaning copious notes for each image with a simulation.I know this is not your problem but I wonder if you or any of your contacts have found a better solution than pen and paper? Sample shots? March 25, 2020 @ My mindset towards photography has changed drastically over the last 2 months. The black sky gives it a very ominous feel. For example, this video was captured on an X-T4 using the X-Trans III CineStill 800T recipe: Its compatible (as of this writing) with the Fujifilm X100V, X-T4, X-Pro3 and X-S10 cameras. Blacks -50. Does anyone see the irony here? I really like it. But excellent tip with white balance. You can also search on YouTube (eg for "fujifilm monochrome recipe") and there are videos where recommended settings are shown and talked about. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. It was Fuji X Weeklys Fuji Superia 800 simulation. Your X-trans IV recipe is one of the best Ive seen. Photography Techniques, Fujifilm Gear, Editing Tips, Reviews, YouTube, fujifilm gfx50s, canon 40mm, gfx adapted lenses, digital xpan, Zine Editions, Fujifilm Gear, Photography Techniques, Travel Vlog, Fujifilm, Fujifilm gfx50s, leica q, leica qp, zine, free Lightroom presets, kodak portra preset. Click on the profile icon in the Basic panel. Summary: How to apply Fujifilm Film Simulation Modes to Raw Files. I own an X-S10 and dont think I can create custom movie simulations as I can with stills. The images look crisp on the iPad Pro screen. I mean come on, thats just a bit funny. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Well see. I do, however, need to explore more in-depth learning of digital PP. I use the x-pro1 a lot actually, many of the photos Ive posted in the last months have been taken with it (https://lifeunintended.com/tag/fuji-x-pro1/). That is exactly my style of black and white. As I understand it the signal flow is WB>red film simulation. My personal black and white style will very likely be toned even warmer with some of the blacks crushed. Your email address will not be published. December 14, 2020 @ So go on then, get of your arse and go make some great photographs. And heres a selection of shots that I did with this recipe: 1/3 to 2/3 stops over exposed is usually nice, at least in my opinion anyway. Velvia especially is too saturated for my taste and doesnt look very film like to me, unless, you trying to achieve a look for a film stock that is very colourful! Battling creative block with the Hoya R72 Infrared filter and a Fuji camera, How to set up your Fuji camera for street photography, Long Exposure Photography with the Fuji GFX50s. #FujiXWeekly Episode 002 Your Instagram Photos Are Impressive! That had a lot to do with my decision to purchase the X-T2. Originally I came up with this recipe when I was using a Fujifilm X-T20, but since then Ive also owned a X-Pro1 which didnt have Classic Chrome available, and now Im using a X-Pro3 which has the amazing new Classic Negative. . . June 6, 2020 @ Required fields are marked *, Attachment ETERNA Bleach Bypass is the newest of Fuji's film simulations, only available in the X-T4 and GFX100 as I'm writing this in early August, 2020. Overall I feel that this is Custom 7 has me set up for most situations. Shadow: +1 Another Classic Chrome recipe. This might help: https://fujixweekly.com/2019/03/07/understanding-acros-film-simulation-options-on-fujifilm-x-cameras/. The maximum upload file size: 96 MB. October 14, 2020 @ The collection consists of black-and-white film shots, color film shots, and digital shots. I've tweaked it very slightly to my liking, but all the credit goes to Big Negative for coming up with this. I really like the Portra too but like I said it can be finicky if not exposed correctly or if in less than ideal lighting. It reminds me of Agfapan 25 printed using a high-contrast filter (maybe a #4, or even split-filtered). Links to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other services inserted in the comment text will be automatically embedded.

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