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Thank you beloved for such an act of Christian courage!!! Help us to keep our lamps full and trimmed as we continue to wait on the Groom to come carry away His bride. Give integrity to party leaders, candidates and campaign workers, God revealed a plan for the ancient Israelites to follow. Open the eyes of their understanding. Open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy (Proverbs 31:8-9). Is there a distinctly Christian way to engage in this political process? one and equal in dignity, Amen and Amen! We thank You even now for that glorious day when we shall see/hear of YOUR victory at the polls!!! -Oh, Everlasting God, you are the ultimate solution to all the problems. Our emotions and values are not arbitrary. Amen. Wow! You are a watchman on the wall, standing in the gap! WebPrayer For Candidates. As a 501(c)3 organization, it's through your support that all this possible. AMEN! Protect their families from sickness, bitterness, and discouragement. Zell noted that the timing of Tuesdays election coincides with the time of the year that Jews traditionally learn the Biblical chapters that deal with the foundation of the Jewish people through the line of Isaac, his binding and the subsequent purchase by Abraham of the tomb, known in Hebrew as mearat hamachpela. Analysis. Pray for May the Lord richly bless all of you. Allows me to manage my life without bad interceptions and without evil. We pray that this election and the victory we plead will be an enablement to a greater awakening and revival that will take this spiritual battle to the very gates of hell and that you will send a great hammer to smash the strongholds over this nation. Call (712) 775-7431, code 2452# any time today to pray with others. WebFor their cooperation and unity in making this momentous occasion a remarkable experience of your love and generosity. What Does It Mean That There Is No One Holy Like God? Lord, we do believe that You have a special destiny for the United States, and we pray that nothing that Satan will do will be able to hinder that destiny. Love the brother-hood. Highland Park Church Allow decisive and overwhelming victories five points up for Your candidates, five points down and out for those who are not Your candidates. It is also written in Deuteronomy 25, you shall not have in your bag two kinds of weights, a large and a small. We pray in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUStriumphant VICTORY over the choice of your candidate Lord. FATHER GOD we thank YOU that No Weapon Formed Against President Trump or Vice President Pence or their families or any of us, their supporters or innocent Americans shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise in judgement against thee thou shalt condemn! We are the true government with the authority of Christ if we would just be more aware of that and stop being so full of false humility. Some have reacted strongly to the idea it may be postponed or delayed due to the coronavirus. Dear Lord, First Jesus, let me thank you for your exceeding kindness and generosity. The problem as noted by Attorney General William Barr in a recent New York Times Magazine interview is the potential for fraud. There is much chaos, unrest, happening in our Nation, enough to discourage people to not go to the polls today but Father we pray for a spirit of courage to rise within them and we pray for Your protection over them as they cast their vote. Give us Your Victory for the GLORY of your Name! They faced the daunting task of designing a set of rules to govern transfer of power amidst a diverse and often conflicted populous. Fill all places now vacated with Your Holy Spirit and send the ministering angelic spirits to guide each one to the righteous vote for Your candidates for every office, from President to dogcatcher. We exalt you, King Jesus! He is author of. Hello, Im Micheal, and I am a writer, spiritualist, and inspirationalist. For here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come (Hebrews 13:14). Keep this revived revived oh Lord and keep the lost from grave harm until they are rescued from the pit. May we pray for Godly, righteous leaders to arise to help rebuild nations and get them back on their feet. Lord may no weapons formed against us in the Spiritual realm or physical,emotional realms prosper this day. How can the quarreling colonists be brought under a unified government? That question is almost as appropriate now as it was in 1787 as delegates to the Constitutional Convention gathered in Philadelphia. By. We declare and decree that the Lord will prevail and His people will be victorious in this election, in Jesus mighty name. Lord, kindly shower your blessings on them such that the parties can have a healthy competition amongst them. Amen. A Prayer for Election Day: Holy Father, Thank you for the opportunity to have a voice in the way my government runs. You move in the hearts of people to accomplish your sovereign will. Heavenly Father, we come before the righteous judge of the universe to plead our case for the deliverance of the soul and destiny of the United States of America from Satans control. I am reminded of the old song: I saw the Lord, He was high and lifted up and his train filled the temple! Glory to the Precious Lamb of God! This is your Foundation and your LAW! Yet in all things Christ is good. Father, may there be great awareness and discernment for our Nations election as we pray. Heavenly Father, it is written in Psalm 37 that God cannot be mocked and a man reaps what he sows. Please give them the strength to endure criticism and scrutiny. May the best man win that will do the most good. I ask for the season to not be volatile, and that our nation would see You in it. as they follow in the steps of Jesus and his Apostles (2 Thes 3:3, Ps 34:7), 12. In the name of Jesus I stand with with the intercessors who are praying for justice in our nation. and make us a blessing to all peoples, through Jesus Christ our Lord. When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom. If you are seeking Bible verses for election day, you have come to the right place. Release us from the shackle of spiritual Egypt and the spirit of Pharaoh over America after 400 years this coming 11/11/2020. We must resist their influence in our lives and our nation. Lord I pray that Your will be done concerning our election. Leading up to the vote, Christians should consider what is best for the country, what agenda best reflects biblical values and prescription for governance, and most importantly, pray that Gods will and His plan would be implemented here on earth. You shall not have in your house two kinds of measures, a large and a small. More than 1/3 of early voters were aged 65 and older. When theory becomes implementation. Bless those who administer the electoral process, GOD CAN NEVERWILL NEVERNOT EVER WILL HE BE DETHRONEDHE IS NEVER CAUGHT OFF GUARD!! Open the hearts of this nation for LIFE of the unborn and give us leaders who protect life. For robust democracy and freedom to participate in public life, No matter what we hear. Most Holy Mother, we beg you to reclaim this land for the glory of your Son. We have collected our favorite Bible verses to read on election day to remember that God is sovereign and we can trust in Him. That we would cry out for Your mercy and Grace. I honor you and Thank you for being a watchman through the night over this land. Ahead of Election Day, a record 244,000 early vote were cast. Amen and amen ! You know the end from the beginning and we can fully trust You all along the way in the middle till we come to the very end. Hear us, good Lord. We do indeed needto stand together in prayer at this perilous time in our worlds history. Praising God for so many blessings, but most importantly my salvation. Anyone who votes for the Democrats is agreeing to the possible murder by abortion of their grandchilds future spouse! Hear my prayer for the restoration of my relationships. We pray for America, Father we ask for a strong hedge of protection around our Nation during this time of decision. Ask God to protect Americas Election 2020 and deliver trustworthy results. That You will keep Your hand upon it and that You will also guide and overrule, to the benefit of Israel. Pray for wisdom, strength and perseverance in the face of strong opposition. Will your one vote count? yes praying and more importantly PRAISING God for our God inhabits praise, and for the release of light (I read somewhere, liked the idea ) some fasting. we thank you, Lord. WebAfter this, He collected those elections result sheets from my hands and said to me, "It is not yet over but tell the entire God fearing people in Nigeria to pray individually and in their groups against Election Manipulators, and to pray for the one the Lord has chosen to truly be the one to win the forthcoming Election." Help us O God that we will return, repent, reconcile with You so that we will receive from You a revival of the spirit and restoration of fellowship with You in our daily walk, to follow You, serve You, and worship You and You alone. O Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy, at this most critical time, we entrust the United States of America to your loving care. guide our leaders WebPray for wisdom for voters and a safe and fair election. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. If your court does not issue a restraining order for the enemy, they will endanger the integrity of our election and put your plan for this nation in danger. The theory should be backed by empirical evidence rather than speculation or hearsay. Help them to present their agendas clearly and honestly. Please keep our country healthy during this season. God, please forgive us when we have put You on the back burner, please forgive us for the abortions that have been performed, all in the name of convenience. Thank YOU that the enemy we see today we will never again see as Moses said in I praise you for the vote that I have. So, Righteous Judge, we stand boldly in the Court of Nations to ask you to intervene in our election. Yes, praying continually for President Trump & our nation. so that we may choose leaders who hear your Word, Amen. It is also written that wrongdoers will be completely destroyed and the offspring of the wicked will perish. Here are eight prayers for the 2020 election season: Photo credit: Getty Images/Hermosa Wave. It is in YOUR capable Hands. We prayed, we campaigned for the platform that upholds Your Name and Your precepts, and we voted for the platform that honors Your Word. You must be logged in to post a prayer. Keep us faithful to Christs all important Word, and may we turn to it every day for light in these dark times. Exodus 14:13; Make a way for those who are physically impaired to go vote. Coronavirus has brought about gathering restrictions, and, without physically going to the polls, many are concerned that the exclusive use of mail-in ballots will produce an untrustworthy result. Amen, Brian! Meghalaya Election Results 2023: The National People's Party (NPP) leader and Meghalaya Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma, stated that the party is still short of a few seats for a majority in the assembly elections, the results of which were declared on Thursday. Protect all engaged in public life, with their families, friends and colleagues, Let justice and righteousness prevail. May there be a new movement of collaboration and respect in our nation's capital and throughout the country. Pour out Your Light on all hearts that they may receive light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. I would like to post this on other social sites. HE IS THE MOST HIGHTHE MOST HIGHTHE MOST HIGH GOD!! -Oh Supreme Lord, you have the supreme power over everything. Thus I pray that you kindly help the respective parties to host a successful election campaign without any riots or violence, and may they be able to host a peaceful campaign where the candidates can represent the plans and ideologies of the party. Web-Oh Lord, you are humble and wise; I pray to you kindly stay by the side of the prospective candidates of different parties such that with your help and support, they can host a Thank you for the unity of the Body of Christ. Pray that the election outcome would result in our nation being poised for greater spiritual growth and revival. The Lord can change the outcome just by speaking into it. Thank you for all that you do for helping us, as believers, to be able to intercede together. WebAwaken in us an awareness that the same hands we lift to you in prayer. Deliver us from the hand of the evil one. -Oh Almighty God, you have the ultimate power over everything; kindly shower your blessing on the prospective candidates such that they can have a successful election campaign where they can put forward their ethics and morals in front of the voters and can influence the crowd to vote for them. . Sometimes You do not always want the best Thank you for the opportunity to pray along with my brothers and sisters across our nation that the Lord will hear from heaven and heal our land. Amen. Be the first one to post one! Abba, in Yeshuas name please stop the evil and dishonesty. So, Father God, Righteous judge, the fate of America is hanging on balance in this election. I only pray believing You hear and Answer, Yes and Amen and so in Jesus Name I say, So Be It. One of the greatest challenges to the 2020 election as seen by many is the possibility of an Electoral College dispute. May we choose Jesus and may we choose LIFE. Expose them! People are worried. Intercede for the mechanics of the vote to be carried out without hinderance or unnecessary drama. WebPray for our nation, especially as we look forward to elections a year from now. Let your people go to the promised land so we can freely spread the gospel and do the great commission for the Kingdom of God. -Oh, Everlasting God, kindly shower your blessings on the candidates of the respective parties such that they can host their election campaign successfully and can make the crowd believe in their plans and agendas of improving the overall lifestyle of the people after rising into power. So remember to cast your vote, and do so without fear. -Oh Lord of love and power, kindly stay by the side of the prospective candidates from different parties such that they can organize a successful election campaign where they can explain that their agendas are more trustworthy than others and can try their best to pursue the confidence of the common people. Lord the battle belongs to You. May eyes be opened to what is happening in the USA and throughout the world before more souls are lost forever. -Oh Almighty God, you have the ultimate power over everything, kindly help all the prospective candidates of different parties host their election campaign successfully such that all the parties can get a fair chance to explain their agendas and can try their level best to earn the votes of the common people. Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in the Heaven! May they have the desire to seek truth and discern it. We pray for peace. We ask the Holy Spirit to be our advocate and Lord Jesus as our defense attorney. Call our leaders and political candidates to a new level of respect and civility. Selecting leaders is not a new idea. In Jesus Name. In a constitutional government like America, the power to govern is given to the people. As when fire sets twigs ablaze and causes water to boil, come down to make your name known to your enemies and cause the nations to quake before you! Intercessor, did you miss yesterdays powerful First Friday webcast? Thus I pray to you kindly let the candidates of the respective parties host their election campaign successfully such that the common people get a chance to choose the suitable candidate for them according to their needs and demands. The Holy Spirit is moving over the land I can feel it in my soul praise God praise Jesus ! Seeking the Gospel in Malachi, the Last Book of the Old Testament. How Daniels Prophecy of 70 Weeks Connects to the End Times. Amen!! Will the elections of 2020 be a legal slug fest? The Battle Belongs To The Lord! May your holy hedge of protection be around each polling place and each poll worker. We declare in Jesus Name corruption of the ballots will be exposed! guard our people GREATER are You O God than all of them put together! May this day be the starting day of our nation returning to You. May the suffering inflicted by the lock downs be brought to an end. Human trafficking is an emergency in our nation, Keep this revived revived oh Lord and keep the lost from grave harm until they are rescued from the pit. Pray for the election process to be fair, honest, and free of corruption and manipulation. Who Is Sydney, and Why Should I Pray for Her? WebAn Election Prayer to Mary. You alone are God and worthy of all our praise. Amen. If you have benefited from IFA's resources and community, please consider joining us as a monthly support partner. He is the RIGHTEOUS WAYWE WILL CONTINUE TO WALK THEREIN. Im from Portland but in AUS and postal voted. Awaken us, Lord God, through the transformative awakening power of your Holy Spirit through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. O Lord, our God, we pray for this upcoming election. Never stop praying. I Promise: the more you get out From Here, the more youll get out of life.. Let America be an example of Your Kingdom on Earth. Jesus our Savior, Redeemer, brother, friend, our all in all. Something went wrong. The Lord gave me a vision for the 2016 election that Give us the peace that passes understanding about the vote, and the outcome. Let America be an example of Your Kingdom on Earth. They were successful in framing a design that has lasted 244 years. so that peace, compassion, truth and justice may prevail among us, Watch a video explaining this prayer. God, forgive us for the times we've failed to treat each other as Your creation. During May those who do not know you come to know you and call you Lord and Savior. May His will be done in these elections and may the plans of His enemies set on causing destruction, be brought to nought. Our leaders have different opinions and priorities; give them the wisdom to navigate differences and work together to strengthen our country. On July 6, 2020, the U.S Supreme Court unanimously ruled that states have the power to require electors to faithfully cast their votes according to their partys selected candidate for president. -Oh Heavenly Father, I pray to you kindly shower your blessings on the prospective candidates and their parties such that they can organize an election campaign successfully. All rights reserved. Thank You Lord for so many acts of faith going on right now!! Help our leaders to do the same. Lord God our Father, maker of heaven and earth, we thank you that you have been pleased to give this person new birth with your Holy Spirit, to adopt him for your own, and to receive him into the fellowship of your Church. Compiled by The BibleStudyTools Staff We ask this in the name of your Son Jesus Christ and through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen! I pray that all may cry out to God in their distress at this time Psalm 107. Pray for swift justice for any unlawful or corrupt action that is taken to thwart our nations Constitution, laws, or integrity. I pray I voted and will continue to pray for Gods truth justice and mercy and protection, Lord God, our Father and Creator, Thy will be done. Amen, I have called and there is no one praying, My position of prayer for several months now has been a position of thanksgiving. Please stand us on our feet and fight with all the weapons you have given us. The complete audio of the call is below, followed by a transcription of one of Stephanie's prayers. He said yes! So I did. When we enter the voting booth. Today lets lift up our voices across America and the world with the sound of triumph for the battle is THE LORDS!, and our praises dispels the darkness! WebPrayer. May other Nations look upon America and see LOVE FOR ONE AND FOR ALL. Lord, we pray that those who will look to You will gain office in our land. KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON AT ALL TIMES. READ MORE Senator Challenges Asylum Policy, READ MORE FCC Proposes Anti-Text Scam Policy, READ MORE Senate Minority Leader Supports Increased Defense Spending, READ MORE Energy Department Awards $7 Million for Truck Decarbonization, Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions of Use, Senate Minority Leader Supports Increased Defense Spending, Energy Department Awards $7 Million for Truck Decarbonization, Presidents Today Schedule August 25, 2020, Mint Director Asks for Help with Coin Shortage. Pray for your fellow intercessor. As King David wrote, the nation whose God is the Lord is blessed. Are the hands that fill out our voting ballot; That the same eyes that read your word. During an election, every candidate feels she or he is the best choice, or they We pray in Jesus name. I pray Love,Safety,& kindness in all hearts. We humble ourselves before You as we intercede for our Nation during these troubled times and today being an election day. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen. Lord Jesus save our country from tyranny of evil government. This election season has been hard on everyone. Phil Robertson is holding onto prayer this 2020 presidential election. Grant those who vote a clear vision of the difference between candidates. Robertson previously has claimed God has told him in advance the winners of other elections, like in 2012 he suggested God told him Mitt Romney would beat President Be exalted all over the earth! Thank you Jesus for sweet victory! We declare smooth transitionno killings in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS..AMEN! In JESUS NAME WE PRAY, Amen. Help us to remember the results of this election are only important for a brief moment in time, but the more important work is to be done for the eternal kingdom. HE. We humbly repent on behalf of the United States of America of all Satans charges leveled against this Nation in the Courts of Heaven so that we can overcome the enemy through the power of the blood of Jesus and the word of our testimony. Let there be revival in our country, bringing us closer to You and to each other. Help our leaders be willing to walk alongside each other, their constituents, and especially the marginalized. The prayer is 24 lines long and calls for a fair and just election and wished that genuine fear of God and love of neighbors would guide officials who would be elected. That the scales would fall for 2020 vision and hearts be softened to turn towards you. O Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy, at this most critical time, we entrust the United States of America to your loving care. With less than 100 days before voting, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliff is regularly briefing senators in a classified setting at the Capitol. Still, even as the nation waits for the ballots to be tallied, Christians everywhere are being reminded that God is in control. Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for him. Isaiah 64:1-4 Thank You Father God for all Your answers to our prayers, You are awesome in every way, we love You, Abba. Please keep them physically healthy and strong, and focused on the task before them. More will be led astray. I pray that all false reporting of Covid-19 and exaggerations surrounding case numbers and deaths will be stopped and that those responsible for what seems a deliberate move to bring nations to a state of zombie-like submission will be brought to book. Bless it and keep it strong. Father, we just declare that Your will be done on this nation. All rights reserved. Your Word says to be anxious for nothing, but in everything to come to You; I ask that you provide peace and comfort to the worried hearts of this country right now. A government elected of men can honor you in its laws and policies and make way for your church to freely be your hands and feet. Thank you! Father God, You are El Shaddai, the all sufficient One, the God of the mountains, God almighty. 6. Amen! This is a spiritual battle and God proves Himself in control and the victor over the occult. A full and fair weight you shall have, a full and fair measure you shall have, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you. Lord God, the enemy is trying to tip the scale in their favor by cheating with fraudulent ballots in this election. -Oh Heavenly Father, here I am today to pray for the prospective candidates from the respective party such that they can host a successful election campaign where they can face the mass and can make them believe in their plans and agendas such that in this process, they can win over the majority of the votes. Thus, I pray that you kindly provide the prospective candidates of respective parties with the opportunity to organize a successful election campaign where they can showcase their good works to gain the confidence of the common people. FORGIVE US. On February 21, the IPC minister had asked the NC to announce a date for the PFF elections in a weeks time, warning that the government may approach FIFA over the matter.

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