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Our communities deserve clean water, flood Highly recommend this place to call home!! Just praying for the rain to stop is not a valuable solution, says one female who lives near Bluff Swamp. BATON ROUGE, La. The area has gradually become a runoff site for fast-growing parts of Ascension, East Baton Rouge and Iberville parishes but has a limited and congested path for all that drainage water to exit toward the Amite River, the ultimate runoff outlet for much the Baton Rouge region. GREENVILLE, S.C. - No. endobj Itll be two two-by-twelves- which equals basically a cut in the road. !" Until the water goes down, Gonzales says he and his neighbors are stuck in a waiting game. Rather than fighting, were working with the parishes on solutions like the ones announced in East Baton Rouge, Ascension and Iberville. Also on Wednesday morning, Iberville Parish officials reopened their floodgate at Alligator Bayou, further increasing drainage from the basin into Bayou Manchac, Ascension officials said. Other A similar effort happened after even more severe flooding in the August 2016 flood. Nearly a week after heavy rain doused the Baton Rouge region, houses remained surrounded by flood water on Monday and stood as islands in the . Person hurt in shooting at apartment complex on Lobdell Boulevard early Saturday, Officers make arrest in double-homicide sparked by verbal altercation Saturday morning. The process will begin either this Friday or Saturday. (WAFB) - In May 2021, David Braud had to make extensive repairs to his home because of flooding. Some are still waiting for the water to go down around their homes. Grays Creek and the main channel of the Amite River will merge. Port Allen Pelicans basketball team soaring toward fourth-straight state title, Sample duo leading Scotlandville into playoffs, For help accessing the WBRZ-TV Public File, contact: Joey Verrett at. This project has been APPROVED. For Sale: 14306 Bayou Terrace Dr, St Amant, LA 70774 $70,000 MLS# 2023003283 Beautiful waterfront lod ready to build! This is the perfect weekend to get outdoors! Weather Forecast Office New Orleans/Baton Rouge, LA, Chance of Exceeding Levels During Entire Period, Short-term Probabilistic Guidance (Experimental), U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Data and Site Info for Port Vincent. Winds will ease into the evening. Wind Advisory in effect for the entire WBRZ BATON ROUGE - The Tigers win the Podium Challenge in the River Center with a score of 197.700. Major Flooding Moderate Flooding Minor Flooding Near Flood Stage No Flooding Observations Are Not Current Out of Service Flood Category Not Defined At or Below Low Water Threshold Last map update: 03/03/2023 at 04:52:41 am CST 03/03/2023 at 10:52:41 UTC What is UTC time? The high watermark on the tree shows where the. But he believes mechanical drainage methods like pumps should only be a last option after all natural solutions are examined. Read the original story below Backwater flooding is particularly severe when the Amite River floods. The drugstore Southern University loses power before men's Senior Night basketball game. Welcome to our Memorial apartments for rent, an amplified style of luxury apartment living in this prestigious area of Houston, Texas. Now, it has become, by necessity, a utilitarian drainage outlet for suburban growth. You have permission to edit this article. Water will inundate LA Hwy 42 and LA Hwy 431. The maintenance staff is very responsive, and grounds are always beautiful and well maintained. Evacuations will be necessary. Latitude: 30.332500 N, 1 LSU's big win over Butler. On the other hand, people who study and manage the ecology of the Spanish Lake region said, at first blush, a New River pump might provide an important benefit that has been unrecognized in recent talks. Slinte, Yall! Check out Scotch on the Bayou Merch: Check out the Scotch on the Bayou Blog for more in-depth reviews of this and other Camp Dram bottle reviews, life in Louisiana, distillery tours, recipes, and my travels in Scotland.This video is NOT sponsored. provided to the NWS by the gauge owner. As workers stand on a temporary bridge, high water from the Bluff Swamp flows Friday, May 28, 2021, into Bayou Manchac, bottom, through a new, temporary drainage channel, center, left, cut across Alligator Bayou Road. USGS Flood Event Viewer: USGS technicians and hydrologists, in partnership with FEMA, have collected hundreds of high-water marks and produce flood inundation maps. The weekend BATON ROUGE - The Southern University men's Senior Night basketball game was postponed Saturday afternoon when the lights in the gym cut off. N. - Katy and Points West - HAIF - Houston's original social media Home Houston Area Neighborhoods and Places Katy and Points West Ascension On The Bayou: Multifamily At 150 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. But what I think is that we haven't yet taken and addressed those means to determine whether or not it's going to be satisfactory to meet the requirements of any 100-year flood," Rosso said. Both have acted to make flooding last longer and go higher in the swamp, an LSU coastal researcher said, and has simultaneously raised the average water level in Manchac by one-tenth of a foot per year since the 1970s. "The natural flow of the terrain, in my view, is the best means to address the problem, alright? East Ascension residents like Sheila Templet, 50, who, with her family, lives on South Hodgeson Avenue south of Gonzales and just north of Bayou Conway, are looking for a solution. The parish already as a floodgate at nearby Frog Bayou and Manchac. Congressman Garret Graves (South Louisiana)issued the following statement after East Baton Rouge (EBR) Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome and Iberville Parish President Mitchell Ourso announced their recommendation to improve drainage along Bayou Manchac at the border of the two parishes. "I wouldn't expect that road to be open any time soon," said John Connelly, a parish spokesman. NOTE: River forecasts for this location take into account past precipitation and the precipitation amounts expected approximately 24 hours into the future from the forecast issuance time. you sure about that.. Instead, efforts need to be focused on getting the water out and these announcements are the first steps in that process. HNTB officials did not respond immediately to requests for comment. As the driveway disappears under the water, a house is surrounded by sandbags and water on Bluff Road as Ascension and Iberville Parishes continue to deal with flooding problems Monday May 24, 2021, in Ascension Parish, La. According to the How do I know if I have a cold, the flu or COVID-19? Together, the floodgate, levee and ridge are designed to prevent backwater, which rises from the Amite when it is high, from flowing upstream into Henderson Bayou and flooding northeast Ascension. Recently, Broome and Ascension Parish President Clint Cointment announced a similar recommendation for the Ascension portion of Bayou Manchac. Near perfect weather on repeat for Sunday. The La. Beefier police presence planned at football game after BRPD chief got into scuffle while making arrest near campus. "SLR supports both projects which partially restore the historic, seasonal hydrologic regime that sustained the 17,000-acre forested wetlands for thousands of years," Nesbit said. Its why Ascension Parish officials are looking at fixing the issues surrounding New River Bayou. The Southern #1 LSU baseball with 26 run outburst to throttle Central Connecticut State on Saturday. We had to pull all the floors and the insulation and cut the sheetrock, he said. Graves joined together with Ascension Parish President Clint Cointment, Iberville Parish President Mitchell Ourso, City of St. Gabriel Mayor Lionel Johnson, officials from Baton Rouge, and several other drainage leaders from the region. In the statement Wednesday, Ascension Parish officials said that workers would monitor weather forecasts and have Public Works crews station at the site of the road cut to fill it and block water flow if Bayou Manchac again rises to 14 feet. ASCENSION PARISH, La. The Tigers beat out No. Ascension on the Bayou is located in the heart of Houston, Texas, allowing you to amplify your lifestyle as you are never far from exceptional dining, endless shopping, and exciting entertainment. There was a problem saving your notification. BATON ROUGE - The Tigers win the Podium Watch the 2 Your Health report for Friday, March 3, 2023. LSU men's basketball loses in regular season LSU men's basketball loses in regular season finale to Florida 79-67. 4 LSU women's basketball Watch the 2 Your Health report for Friday, March 3, 2023. Alligator Bayou and Manchac roads, which are actually the same two-lane road with different names, rest on a levee along Manchac's southern bank that holds back most of the high water in the basin. }DCNDyWGv%a;J cX. Days after sitting in on a presentation about the plan with the parish councilmen who make up the drainage panel, Parish President Clint Cointment received a notice on Thursday that he would be terminated as head of drainage. Bold criminal secretly relaunched massage parlor prostitution ring as he cut a deal with prosecutors. DO NOT share this content with minors- share it with your friends of age! You have permission to edit this article. Accused murderer cleared by Baton Rouge jury after representing himself in court, released from jail. Beefier police presence planned at football game after BRPD chief got into scuffle while making arrest near campus. Paul Kemp, who has studied the Bluff Swamp as LSU coastal sciences professor, said longer periods of flooding don't allow cypress and hardwood seedlings to take root. This is a breaking update. Widespread fllooding will inundate most roads in this area, including LA Highways 16, 42, 431, and 933. But EBR says the dams could worsen flooding there. The ownership, management and staff are totally aligned and committed to the residents loving their lifestyle. Police: Two men shot to death in Slidell late Saturday morning. Vanessa, the new manager is great she is definitely taking things in the right direction. Parish officials announced Wednesday that crews plan to cut the drainage route where the road crosses over Fish Bayou either Friday or Saturday. Photo provided by Ascension Parish government, Slow-draining Spanish Lake, Bluff Swamp leave residents stranded; AquaDams stand tall in court, Ascension considers new plan to dredge historic, scenic Bayou Manchac, Corps: Bayou, creek upgrades in Baton Rouge won't worsen Amite flooding; Ascension still opposed, Well before floods in Spanish Lake and Bluff Swamp, Ascension, Iberville eyed important fix. This property is perfect for the professional in Houston on a temporary stay. Winds will ease into the evening. Scotch on the Bayou Historic Flooding in Bayou Pigeon, Louisiana - May, 2021 In this video, witness the historic level of flooding in Bayou Sorrel and Bayou Pigeon after torrential rains in May, 2021. The eastern swamp of the huge Spanish Lake region receives runoff from Dutchtown, Geismar and Prairieville and is susceptible to high water from Manchac when it overtops a levee road. Global climate change has also made rains more intense. This weeks announced plan will focus on clearing the East Baton Rouge portion. 1 0 obj "So," he said, "anything that we could you know add another outlet somewhere is worth looking at. CONVENT - A highway in St. James Parish Saturday AM Forecast: Today's weather will be near perfect. The East Baton Rouge Metro Council also recentlyapproveda $20 million budget for drainage projects from federal funding. With the boat tied to a tree, a houses reflects in the surrounding flood waters on Bluff Road as Ascension and Iberville Parishes continue to deal with flooding problems Monday May 24, 2021, in Ascension Parish, La. FEMA's National Flood Hazard Layers not showing? This essentially with two twelve-by-twelve type box culverts- this will equal a cut in the road- so when Manchac comes down, well be able to open those up and allow this water to get out, Cointment explained. Copyright 2021 WAFB. 74 and Bluff Road in Dutchtown. Email David J. Mitchell at That kind of work could require, Rosso said, dredging out the Amite from its mouth at Lake Maurepas north and then into Manchac. Photo provided by Ascension Parish government, Raw sewage, shin-deep, oozes in streets, homes when Baton Rouge plant fails: 'It's so nasty', Hurricane Ida shows how FEMA, other bureaucracy can slow down waterway clean-up after storms. "Almost a year ago, there was an extreme weather occurrence where there was flooding and Alligator Bayou Road needed to be cut," said Ascension Parish Communication Director Brandon Gatlin.. stream endobj As growth has continued to sprawl around the swamp basin, more roofs and concrete have sent more runoff into the basin. Map shows how when Bayou Manchac floods, it puts many homes in East Baton Rouge, Ascension and Iberville parishes at risk. We appreciate our three parish leaders taking this first step and we look forward to more announcements over the coming months. Levees? The gate can't be opened until water is low enough in Bayou Manchac to prevent bayou water from flowing back into the swamp basin. LSU women's basketball bounced out of SEC LSU women's basketball bounced out of SEC Tournament by Tennessee. Iberville has been putting up Aquadams to protect those people from more water from Bayou Manchac. Water is still high and relatively close to the roadway from the May floods and the draining of the Spanish Lake basin into Bayou Manchac. View the Enhanced Operating Capability Products and Services StoryMap here. Clint Cointment, EBR Mayor-President. Ascension Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness released a flood zone map that highlights areas they think will have moderate to major flooding. Streets will flood in Port Vincent. I just felt it was a matter of time until we flood again, says one homeowner off Bluff Road. " Saint Amant Swamp will be inundated. For details. Press enter or select the go button to submit request. ASCENSION PARISH - On Tuesday morning, a number of Ascension Parish Roads are closed due to area flooding overnight . Major investments Graves successfully pushed for during the funding process: Morganza to the Gulf: $31 million for the Bayou Terrebonne floodgate and Highway 55 road gate design, as well as designing the levee and control structure for two critical segments of the project. We never had anything done back here to help us with the water ever. John Monzon, civil works manager for HNTB, told an Ascension drainage panel that the pump would allow the parish to better control water levels in Bluff Swamp and build up flood storage capacity in advance of big rains. Six members of the panel face their own election recalls, including Orgeron. Watch the 2 Your Health report for Thursday, Watch the 2 Your Health report for Tuesday, Crawfish Tracker: Signs of life (and price drops). He installed an AquaDam around his home to keep it from flooding. Streets will flood in Port Vincent. Come join me on this adventure. The temporary pumps were set up on Alligator Bayou Road in Ascension Parish. The mouth of the Amite River at Lake Maurepas is the main drain for the big bathtub called the Amite River Basin. 74 is blocking and reduce swamp flood waters that must now wait in line along with runoff from South Baton Rouge and eastern Iberville to exit through Manchac to the Amite. <> 10, 2021 at 3:03 PM PDT. Flood level estimated. Phone: (985) 448-4103 We are committed to helping direct funding toward improved drainage of the Manchac, Alligator Bayou, and Spanish Lake basin,, $8.5 million to acquire the lowlands of Bayou Duplantier for flood retention, $5.7 million to create retention for Ward Creek, $4.7 million for Cypress Bayou green infrastructure in East Baton Rouge Parish, $5 million to restore the University Lakes and reduce flood risk, Overall, Graves has secured over $3 billion half to clear the backlog of legacy flood projects and half to provide future protection against flood risks in South Louisiana. Engineers with the Baton Rouge firm HNTB say the plan would take advantage of a natural link between New River and the Bluff Swamp that La.

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